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  1. If you know these potential problems can arise, don't sell cause you'll upset a lot of buyers. Only sell when you can nearly guarantee that no hi-cups will happen in the transtion.
  2. I meant to say in my post the gun he claimed never to receive. This is pretty bad, I don't see why rainie isn't temporary suspended or banned from selling while the mods investigate and sort this together. Steeljaw, any updates?
  3. Wait, didn't he pay you and you shipped the gun he never claimed and you had to refund him. Which means he had the gun and the money?!?!? So is he going to pay you all cash I'm guessing between $400-$600 or the gun and the money.
  4. Since I heard about Hebe/Rainie claiming that he never received your Kimber, I knew something was not right. I already posted my 2 possible scenarios months ago on your other thread. Out of curiosity is there still anything you can do regarding paypal to get refunded or to get your kimber back? You have evidence now. The mods should ban him. EDIT: I saw that he's refunding you, but I think you deserve some kind of compensation for being out of a gun and money for such a long period of time.
  5. I would buy this, but add options for both external and internal parts.
  6. I wouldn't really buy something like an iphone off this forum especially if it was really cheap. But if you sent the money as payment, and you get screwed over, you can get your money back through paypal.
  7. ^^^^ We'll see how this goes, also did he request to send the payment by paypal gift, or did you send a regular paypal payment?
  8. I wonder where that sexy ACS stock came from ;)
  9. PAYPAL dispute, obviously this member doesn't care, has a attitude, has no concept about being a responsible seller, and selling of "his sister's paypal account" and telling you to ask her for a refund. Just paypal dispute him, and I'm 100% sure that you'll get your money back.
  10. <AT>ILike1227Pie, that was your experience. I'd like to hear more from other people, but there is a chance of it getting seized. In your case, luck was just on your side.
  11. Thats my question, will ehobby not insure me because of that or will they refund any airsoft seizures in the U.S in general? I'll PM them here.
  12. ehobbyasia will insure against seizures as long as importing airsoft is legal in your country. Ehobbyasia FAQ: Do we have warranty and guarantee for our products? As long as importing airsoft is legal in your country, we have money back guarantee to make sure you receive your order and customs do not seize it. I'm still nervous about ordering a gbbr though. Will ehobbyasia still insure my order even though the Viper Tech is not ATF approved? The viper tech trademarks are slightly different then the colt trades but very similar. Just the words are altered, and if I buy this gun I'll tell ehobby to tape the trades. An orange tip is also included. I hope if I order, some ATF custom's agent doesn't seize my shipment.
  13. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/other-gun/gas-b...el-version.html I really would like to order this gun if I ever get the money, but is there a high chance of it getting seized? Also does ehobbyasia insure against seizures shipping from the united states? One more thing, I know ehobby covers trades, but do they use putty, or do they scratch out the trades? - KWAboi1
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