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  1. Hey Guys, I'm trying to sell off some more airsoft stuff. So lets lay down the ground rules for this thread. 1. Paypal only, no gift options, no 3% charge. 2. I ship USPS with tracking and insurance. UPS is extra and I'll get you a qoute. 3. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO RETURNS, NO TRADES! If theres a problem I will resolve it. 4. No threadcrapping in this thread or lowballing. Lowballers will be ignored completely. 5. Thanks for your cooperation! Up for sale is a Gamo Air Rifle 3-9x40mm Scope that was taken (new) off a Gamo Air Rifle. Scope Rings are NOT included. The item is in new condition....never been mounted with no imperfections. Focusing is fine and it has 2 adjustments. A great scope for any air gun, airsoft rifle, or .22. 1 click=1/4 at 100 yards. This will come with a generic Gamo Scope Manual for adjusting the scope. This is on ebay as well. I have the right to end this listing if need be at any time. PRICE IS $40 SHIPPED IN CONTINENTAL US.
  2. bump...price drop. this includes the $50 Gamo Scope........
  3. Hey Guys, I'm trying to sell off some more airsoft stuff. So lets lay down the ground rules for this thread. 1. Paypal only, no gift options, no 3% charge. 2. I ship USPS with tracking and insurance. UPS is extra and I'll get you a qoute. 3. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO RETURNS, NO TRADES! If theres a problem I will resolve it. 4. No threadcrapping in this thread or lowballing. Lowballers will be ignored completely. 5. Thanks for your cooperation! Onto whats up for sale. I have a KJW KC-02 10/22 gas semi-auto sniper. This was a stock ugly looking tactical KC-02 but was upgraded with the following: RA Tech Sniper Kit (Wood Stock, Fluted Outer Barrell, 6.01 Stainless Tightbore) Gamo Air Rifle 3-9x40mm Scope (no scope rings and is not zeroed in) PFORCE Propane Adapter (with silicone) KSC 0.3g BBS (approx 2000) x2 Stock Mags This gun in a gorgerous replica shooting at a consistent 400 fps. the bolt stop was taken out so as to allow you to completely empty your mags. This means that the bolt will NOT lock back once the mag is empty. I have the bolt stop if you want to reinstall it, but you'll need to purchase the spring from KJW since I lost it. This is not a problem, but rather an upgrade at least to me. I don't like it when I can't dry fire with friends to fool them while I change mags. Now I can, and more importantly safely empty mags of gas. There are no other problems with this gun. A new hop up bucking like a Falcon brand one would be a huge improvement for accuracy. I just never found the time to wait 3 1/2 weeks from ehobbyasia for one as I was always plinking with this. Speaking of which, this gun was never fielded....only used for plinking in my backyard and as a wallhanger:) Its such a gorgeous replica that I would never dream of putting it out in the wild unknowns of a match:) It shoots accurately to about 180 ft give or take with some hop up tuning. I'm asking $300 shipped anywhere in the continetal U.S. with USPS Parcel Post. OBOs will be considered!!!!! Thanks for looking!!!!
  4. OK parts are on their way....lets get some offers.....still at $360 shipped Ill throw in the scope for onyl $10!!!!!
  5. Got a pending deal...parts were ordered...price is now $360 shipped
  6. Well I guess I was wrong about the cracked bolt stop...kjw got back to me with the parts I need so you will be buying a 100% functional gun. I also will be selling the gun with 2 long 30 round mags instead of one 22 rounder. Price will remain the same...shoot me some offers!!!!
  7. Bump it up..lets get some trade deals going:)
  8. Rules: 1. No threadcrapping or immaturity in my thread. 2. ALL transactions through paypal. 3. NO international shipping. 4. NO sales with buyers with 2 or more negative feedback Up for sale is a KJW KC-02 upgraded 10/22 replica. As you all know the stock versions of these guns looked ugly as crap. Well I upgraded mine with: RA Tech Wood Stock RA Tech Fluted Black Outer Barrell RA Tech Extended Tightbore Gamo 3-9x40 Rifle Scope This gun is a BLAST to shoot....totally cool blowback, and great range!!! (220 ft or thereabouts). The sniper kit makes this thing look real and very nice. All in all I spent well over $400 to get this baby together.....the kit cost $200 plus the $250 gun is about $450 plus the $50 scope is like $500. There is only one slight issue. The bolt stop piece cracked...so I uninstalled it. I didn't like it anyhow but it doesnt have any effect on the gun and lessens wear. It would allow the bolt to lock back after the mag is emptied but now you can empty your mag of gas without having to recock it....also allows you to deceive your enemies while battling:) The Scope can be thrown in for another $30 extra. Its a $50 scope but I'll let it go for that if you negotiate my offer.....Shipping will probably be through UPS but I will check with my local shipping offices for pricing. Will NOT ship to Hawaii or Alaska or Internationally. Im asking $350 shipped OBO. This is negotiable. You will get: The Gun with Kit Installed and tested x1 KJW 22round Curved Mag NIB (the one in the pic is leaking) X1 PFORCE Propane Adapter ($15 value) possibly some KSC .3s if you make this worth my while. Be aware that shipping could take a few days as Im in the process of getting a package and that I will be on vacation soon. TRADES: Ipods Ipads Tablets Android MP3 Players electronics etc NO AIRSOFT at all
  9. Hi, I have a KJW KC-02 custom build that I worked on and need some oem parts for it that cant be purchased anywhere. I need a bolt stop and bolt stop spring. I tried contacting KJW through their USA website, taiwan website, and email but nothing. Havent heard anything for over a week. What should I do? Should I try calling their offices in Taiwan? I dealt with CS before and usually heard back from them in 3 days...now its like they have gone dark:(
  10. UPS isn't perfect....but USPS has a nice known record of succesffuly messing up peoples packages. All companies will have negative reviews....its just a matter of how many:P I'm not saying USPS is going to stop deliverying packages instantly....just that slowly as they cant keep up with expenses, prices will go up and the whole system is going to collapse. I don't really like USPS for the simple fact they don't seem to care much about your stuff. I've had multiple experiences where mailmen have dropped fragile packages from 5 feet onto my concrete porch......as well as having packages come back looking like they went through a cheese shredder and then were used as a punching bag. UPS tends to come through for me though. Airborne your right too about the toy gun thing. The first time I shipped a GBB pistol and the clerk asked what it was......5 minutes of explaining later and I got it figured out. Its annoying though...alot of the clerks are asking whats inside and seem to be pretty suspicous...oh well.
  11. +1. USPS employees really don't seem to care if your package gets damages and even USPS insurance isnt anything to brag about. I've used USPS, UPS, and FedEx for very large items (think airsoft, gas scootes, engines, etc) UPS by far keeps their stuff in good condition. USPS never fails to make the boxes I get look like they went through hell and back. FedEx is pretty reliable but extremely expensive and very fast. Overall, the best bet is to make a UPS account online and try to get a discounted price by getting a smaller box and keeping weight to a minimum. Usually with guns you can take down some of the externals that would make it longer or wider and pack them in a smaller area. Also keep in mind USPS is going down the drain. Theirs really no need to be putting any trust in them anymore...
  12. SPF! SPF! SPF! Up for sale is one unopened package of a IER Z-kit from Hs5. I was going to install this in a GBBR but the barrel cut was extremely weird and I just don't want to mess with it. These go for $18 shipped.....will let it go for $15 shipped. Pm me.....
  13. Well just finished working on a new replica. Its a KJW KP02. Yeah yeah yeah....that ugly tactical shotgun/m4 variant. Well guess what? Theres kits out there to make it look cool or you can modify .22 stocks. I really wanted to go with a SS Boyds Evolution stock but I didn't want to mess anything up my first try. Picked up a new KP02 off ebay for like $130 and got the kit. KJW KP02: RA Tech Wood Stock RA Tech 6.01mm Inner Barrel RA Tech Fluted Outer Barrell Stock KJW Internals V2 The blowback on this gun is amazing and range is solid....I'm thinking about 210' or so. I'm going to be installing a new hop up bucking and possibly some compression mods.....we'll see. The KJW internals are built to last and just a blast to plink with. Havent decided if I'm going with iron sights or a scope....although I have a scope lying around.
  14. Dude calm down Your comment added nothing new and was pretty rude. If you don't want to get flamed think before you speak. Op: I had the KJW HICAPA version of the 1911. It had a painted Harrell but I believe the tip on this is plastic. Pliers will work. But When you get it you will be able to tell what the tip is. Back sawing it off If its painted isn't super hard but you may not have the right equipment To do the job.
  15. Asgi tech service sucks. I'd rather trust an upgrade Installed by a no name member on this forum then those monkeys With screwdrivers. The best thing is just to do the work yourself though. If asgi doesn't fix it and refuses you your money back, file a paypal claim Or a chargeback on your credit card.
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