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  1. If its not rare, what is it? What section should I be in?
  2. -snip- You need a current seller subscription in order to be allowed to post aisroft items for sale. Check out information about seller accounts for help.
  3. I have a couple of tanaka sniper rifles, I'm going to thin the collection and am wondering which version is worth more money, they are both per ban and are stock internals. Any suggestions?
  4. Any idea of or if your going to build another stock?
  5. Actually u had quoted me a price. Just wondering if it still stood?
  6. wondering if you received my post? I don't know what bump means. new to actually using forums.
  7. I had checked with u before about ur best price, I'm not sure if u even have the gun anymore, but I'm still interested and would like to purchase the gun.
  8. Thanks, I think I'm going to try eBay and if I don't get any decent hits there then I'll prob just keep it. The only problem is that I'll prob never use it again, I've got a project kjw
  9. I was wondering if I should sell, or keep my maruzen type 96. I have owned for a while and haven't done to much to it. I have a zero trigger, and better spring and spring guide in it. I have attached a bipod, and a ncstar scope, thumb screws for the cheek rest. I want to get back into playing again but don't like the spring option. I absolutely love gas( mainly because I'm lazy) but, just was wondering what I should do? I have a couple of pic.
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