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  1. Thanks, will get a bag of gray g&g bbs to try out.
  2. Looking for tan or gray bio bb's in .30g. Found one source on google search, but was kind of expensive. Does anyone know of a vendor for these bb"s ?
  3. +1 for inline mosfet. Move the wires from outside the buffer tube to inside to run larger gauge, use a battery bag on stock. Keeping stock gears would be best, just use your present motor and 11.1 battery. Since your are cqb, 100 spring should be perfect. Just do the mods listed in Airborne101's signature.
  4. Also, would recommend playing in a night game to see what it is like. They are quite different, you have to play slow and carefully. Even on a moon light night the shadows can hide many hazards or enemies.
  5. Have used the 5ku bearings from evike for couple of builds. Add a mosfet and 16 ga wire, the stock gears will handle a 11.1 with no problems.
  6. lndncr2

    Source for BLS BBs

    <AT>Airborne 101, thanks again for info. <AT>Guges mk3, will try a bag, pm sent.
  7. lndncr2

    Source for BLS BBs

    Thanks for the info. Had no idea they had .30 bio tracers. All sold out till next batch. Have some .30 bio coming from ebay source.
  8. lndncr2

    Source for BLS BBs

    Looking for good source for BLS bio bbs. Tried google, didn't recognize the online stores. Looking for a good source of bio .30's. Thanks
  9. New o-ring? Used that cylinder in my sr7 with no problems, prefer that style in a type 3.
  10. Had to work that saturday last month. Played a the God squad field couple months ago. Possible.
  11. Old Alturas rd just north of Boyle rd. If weather is not too hot we'll play there this Saturday. Check the facebook page for Redding area airsoft for details Link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/293862630647175/. Private land that we can use to play airsoft, informal group. My usual load out is multicam with woodland r.a.c.k., dye i4 mask.
  12. Play at US airsoft or field near Boyle rd?
  13. Looking for a Dboys RK-10 prefer WS verison. Working or not, fair shape with most of the parts.
  14. Look down the inside of the barrel with the hopup full "on". It is a judgement observation, adjust as needed to level. Then assemble and test fire. If the bb hooks or curves, take apart and try again. Make adjustments until it shoots straight as possible.
  15. "shim a hopup arm" refers to side to side play. Arm to housing clearance can be adjust with shim material. The material can be paper, tin foil, thin metal sheet, foil tape. Guges is correct if you have a large amount of play, time for new hopup. Centering the barrel, making sure the mount is level to the hopup. This can be check by turning hopup on full, looking down the barrel from the muzz;e end. If slightly off level there is usually enough play in the retaining clip to allow the barrel to twist to level out the mount. Start with a clean barrel and bucking, assemble slowly and carefully, adjust as needed.
  16. +1 for youtube. read the pinned topics in upgrade and modification.
  17. Got the lower today, looks great. Thanks :)
  18. Want to buy sr25 magpul mid caps. Prefer black, but tan is good. PM with pictures and price shipped.
  19. Received HPA .40's today, been looking forward to test them out. Great seller, thanks for quick shipping.
  20. Use the first one in my aegs, fits good in crane stocks. Love amazon, but would just buy direct from Hobby king. Hobby king has 2 warehouse in the USA.
  21. Thanks for offer, already bought one.
  22. Could just build a test harness for the motor. Would advise having a fuse in the test harness and run the motor on the work bench. then put it back into the cage, then resassemble to gearbox. Can also test for voltage with motor diconnected from your harness.
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