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  1. Hey Guys, We all know that the worst possible thing about the Internet, and even this site in general is Scammers, bad sellers, people you can't trust, heck we have a whole forum section dedicated to this topic. This thread is a chronicle of my recent leap of faith on trusting one of our forum members for some serious gear box work and tuning of my G&G M4 and the final outcome, which was EPIC WIN. His forum name "Sith" You have probably seen him posting in the Upgrades & Modifications section of this site, and he is knowledgeable and offers realistic advice, doesn't make you feel like an idiot for asking Newbie questions, and his signature says, "Have gearbox questions? PM Me!" So that is what I did. I talked over my goals, asked a bunch of what I can only imagine seemed like elementary questions to someone who knows how to work on gearboxes, and how the overall deal would take place. I talked to him on several occasions both on the forum and on the phone, and decided alright worst case I lose a $170 dollar gun, best case I get it back and everything is good to go, he was honest and upfront and I saw no reason not to trust him, so I ordered some upgrade parts that he recommended, got them in, shipped them and my M4 to him and crossed my fingers. I spent 41 dollars in upgrade parts from an Asia retailer for the build. My gun arrives, and to my surprise he takes pictures of how it arrives, and a video, at this point I'm thinking ok Thumbs up for that! Over the next couple days, I get more pictures of every part torn down, the inside of my gear box, my factory parts, my upgrade parts, comparisons, the guy basically journaled every step of the process, I really liked that. Granted I shipped the gun to him only days before Christmas, by Christmas Eve I had an email with a link to a video of my newly upgraded gearbox coming to life, at this point my expectations were shattered, here is why. Firstly my goal was 400FPS, reliability, and a bump in ROF, we had decided on my parts list and he felt that mid 20's with only minor work and cost was easily do'able, I was satisfied with this and his prices for the work to be completed was VERY fair. Now, here is where he really shines, LOL, what I actually got is easily mid 30RPS, yeah, beast mode! His work was clean, solder points were great, wiring, shimming, tuning, MOSFET install, each upgrade was performed with precision, tested, and documented for me to view, I was very impressed! My parts: Element high speed Long type motor, Element Piston/Silent head, Element bearing spring guide, Element cylinder/silent head, Systema spring , AB MOSFET that he prepared, 11.1V 20C lipo, gun/battery wired to Dean's. The Album of my gun he created: Gallery Final thoughts: I would not hesitate to send him additional work, friends, and recommend him to others, he was honest, upfront, communicated and went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable with the whole process. My goals were far exceeded, he took pride in what he did, made sure it was right, and in what could have been less than a week had it not been for shipping closures due to holidays, I had my AEG back in my hands. Thanks to Sith for the work, and I hope if you guys need any work done in the future whether it be upgrades, his MOSFET's, a broken gun, you give him a shout, he is a stand up guy! Video for your viewing pleasure: Running on a 9.6V incase you are scared of LIPO, and also running on 11.1V LIPO :) Just click on the pic below to start the video.
  2. Hello, I was recently able to achieve mid 20's on 9.6 and mid 30's with LIPO on my G&G blow back recently fairly easily. I used an element cylinder, disabled blow back, M115 spring, stock gears, stock piston, element silent head set, element high speed motor, and a mosfet. It doesn't take a whole lot with the G&G's and made for a really nice setup. Here is a video of it running on both 9.6 and 11.1V lipo - Tuned by Sith here on this message forum, highly recommended... turn your volume up :)
  3. after reading through this I'm wondering based on the info we have, with a Type 1 cylinder, is there a "perfect" length, where you are getting both the speed/volume right, and the exit of the round as compared to the compression?
  4. I don't know the best place to buy them price wise, but I have G&G .20's and Madbull .25's in tracers, and the Madbull's are far nicer, great accuracy, when I buy again I will be looking for the madbull .25's
  5. I have pretty good real world experience with this and had I not had the setup I have I wouldn't have guessed that FPS mattered in accuracy the way that it does. I have an ICS M4 CQBR, its a 20 second swap to switch out upper gearboxes and I can got from 350 to 400-410ish in a matter of seconds, stock I ran the 350fps original setup and the gun shoots great on .25's it chrono's 315 on them, great accuracy with my Madbull TBB, but my G&G M4 for field use died and I needed to be able to get some extra FPS so I bought the spare upper gearbox for the ICS with m100'ish that got me 400-410 on the chrono on 20's. to field with for a while. I have a laser range finder(golf is my other hobby :) and in my "shooting range" aka my porch to a tree, its about 150 feet. With the 350fps box and tbb and .25's I can hit the tree, but its slowing down visually when it gets there, you can see the drop, even with hop this is what I call its "max range" on 20's it will get to the tree with less drop but it is far less accurate and gets pretty spray and pray at that point. Now with the 400fps gearbox in, I can hit the tree and then some on the same barrel and .25's, hardly any hop, no visual drop in arch, it clearly is reaching that tree with less effort and more energy and importantly accuracy with a flat trajectory and I think 150feet is pretty decent range for an AEG that you don't go crazy on upgrades with. I don't have any heavier ammo to test with but I assume 28's would be similar and may help out the 400fps setup in less than ideal wind conditions.
  6. I agree on the Madbull, I have the 247 in my ICS CQBR with a G&G green bucking and it shoots like a laser, matter of fact, I took it out of my G&G M4 to upgrade to a longer TBB in hopes of getting more range an accuracy with it, and only because I've spent so much money on changing it out I convinced myself its better, but in all essence I think the madbull setup in the ICS is shooting better lol For some reason I get longer straight flight path on the 247, same bucking several resets on a 370mm ASGI tbb and my G&G I feel doesn't make any improvement over my madbull...I can't tell if its the barrel brand or my hopes were set too high, but I sometimes want to try a 370mm madbull and see what I get.
  7. Same here 1000+ on both websites, after a recent order with Evike I got a bad hi-cap, the spring was busted, no questions asked they sent me a new one and didnt ask for the old one back, I've noticed their handling time has been alot better lately as well.
  8. Thanks Riflewizard, and no its not a screw driver, this tool lets you take the flow valve out as well in the event you need a new one or a high flow. They are keyed with notches across from each other some of various sizes.
  9. Do they make one? I can't seem to find one by any brand or knock off, blackhawk, etc
  10. Hey guys, I noticed one of my KWA NS2 mags is leaking at the fill valve, it doesn't look damaged, so I'm not sure what pieces are involved with it as I have never taken one out. I got the valve tool key thing coming in an order. Anyone have any tips or what I need to buy to seal it up again, these are 40 dollar mags so I would hate to just give it up over it leaking.
  11. Any reason why I can't switch to a non blow back gearbox, just for the sake of having two gearboxes, different ROF and FPS setups? I would think possibly the difference might come from where the charging handle attaches to the blow back piston, not sure if it will matter or not.
  12. Hello all, In regards to any voltage battery, 8.4 or 9.6, what should the overall charge be after removing it from the charger? I have a smart charger and it appears it charges it beyond 9.6, and I notice that the battery wont turn my gearbox over after about 9.1volts, so I'm assuming a 9.6 volt battery does indeed take larger than a 9.6 overall voltage charge?
  13. Bump! Make some reasonable offers, I thought 40 shipped was pretty decent considering the price of a good RIS
  14. Style isnt really a big deal for me, more like capacity and can it shoot the whole clip with one fill, my last GBB I couldn't even fire all the rounds on 1 fill, I was like oh this has to go.. After capacity, just have to find the right price.
  15. Yeah I was leaning towards KWA NS2 system, as C02 isnt an option, my field does not allow any C02 weapons as people bring half charged C02 units in, chrono, and then put new canister in and are using guns that shoot ridiculous FPS's.
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