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  1. Largest one in TX is in Beaumont like 45 mins from lake charlers www.highgroundairsoft.com
  2. For those of you who are not aware, High Ground Airsoft has been busy expanding. We have moved from our small shop in Nederland to a 30,000 square foot facility in Beaumont. We now have two levels of indoor CQB arenas, a giant shop fully stocked out, with more products arriving daily! A completely stocked rental section, indoor pistol range using the cybergun electronic system (waiting on the install) arcade games, pool table,air hockey, on site tech and more. Make sure to check out the website www.highgroundairsoft.com and follow us on Facebook for daily updates and specials. Here is a quick sneak peak of part of the downstairs arena.
  3. We will be hosting a game at the pit on July 29th, thats a Sunday folks. Games will start around 10ish to allow people to trickle in. We will split teams day of, so if you show with a group plan on wearing something similar to make it easy to divide us up. High Ground Airsoft will be on site for ammo $15 a bottle, cash or card. Likely going to play a bunch of faster paced games to get everyone moving and shooting not just standing around in the sun! Check High Ground Airsofts facebook page for directions!
  4. As some of you know I have been working in my off time to open a new dedicated airsoft retail store down here in the Golden Triangle area. We are proud to announce that our grand opening will be the 14th of July from 11-4. You can check out our website at www.highgroundairsoft.com and like us on Facebook. Feel free to stop by and say hello, check our site for hours. Hope to see some of you at the shop!
  5. There are a bunch of us around here, feel free to PM me sometme.
  6. You do know that the port of houston, is in houston TX right? but yes top brass was the store I would direct him towards as well.
  7. port of houston? there is one 10 mins away, just google military surplus stores
  8. Operation Dark Continent has been canceled indefinitely due to unanticipated military orders, soaring field fees, and a general lack of support for this level of game play from area communities. I look forward to seeing you all out playing sometime soon. (All prepaid tickets have been refunded in full, and you will have a PM with the confirmation number.) Sorry to those this may have inconvenienced.
  9. Prop pictures posted http://opdarkcontinet.proboards.com
  10. Story Line: North Africa 2012 North Africa’s rich oil deposits have been taken over in a violent overthrow of the democratic and pro US backed Government. The US military has been called in to action in order to restore peace and stability to the region. North African Militia Forces (NAMF) have vowed to repel the foreign invaders from their lands once and for all. The US forces have been asked to assist a US based oil company and their Private Security Contractors in building and establishing an oil pipeline in the region. The pipeline is vital to the continued success of US operations on the African continent. CIA Intel reports a contingent of highly radical and determined death squad members have joined forces with the NAMF in an attempt to stop the oil company’s expansion into the area. This Death Squad is known to have ties to the Taliban and Hamas, and believed to have received demolitions training in Iran. Military Intel officers have learned that a mercenary group of ex Russian patriots has been hired to help locate and retrieve a lost cache of high explosive artillery shells. With the news of such possible weapons falling into the hands of the NAMF, US Commanders have authorized the use of a Marine recon team to help locate the cache and keep it out of the hands of the NAMF. Register Now & SAVE! http://operationdarkcontinent.eventbrite.com/ First 100 registered players will receive a Limited edition custom OP: Dark Continent patch. CASH ONLY DAY OF GAME! Game is RAIN OR SHINE (Refunds will only be issued up to 72 hours before the OP) PRIVATE OPERATION DARK CONTINENT FORUMS http://opdarkcontinet.proboards.com/index.cgi Please be sure to register on our private op forums for more information, discussions, and announcements regarding this game. We cannot guarantee we will be able to answer your questions or respond to your discussions on other community forum sites. This is the official discussion area for Operation Dark Continent. Game play and player handbook: All players are expected to download and have read the player handbook before game day. Additional aspects of game play and mechanics are detailed in this handbook. We will not be going over the entire handbook during the safety briefing on game day. We will have a limited number of copies available on game day. Link for player handbook may be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?py1u3uqo14a9v4h Hosted by: A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS GAME WILL BE DONATED TO: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/
  11. Transition and Julios Birthday Event! Entrance fee is $10 Thats right you heard it, We are having a joint B-day bash! September 19th! Free BBQ and cake BACK TO SCHOOL SWAP MEET!!! Bring your stuff to sell! Meet some new players! play airsoft! Gates open 0900 Games start 1100 Lunch 1300 Games end 1700 See www.playthefarm.com for waivers, and directions. The Farm will have rental guns and camo on site, along with ammo.
  12. Engage Energy Drink added as a sponsor
  13. Ammo will be for sale by The Farm. 0.20 3500-$15 0.25 3500-$15 0.20 5000-$20 0.25 5000-$20 The Farm is a Bio-Only field. If you are caught using Non-Bio you will be asked to leave. Field Rules and Directions: www.playthefarm.com 0700-Gates Open 0800-Chrono Begins 0930-Chrono Ends 0930-Event Briefing 1000-Game On!!! 1230-Free BBQ 1330-Game On!!! 1530-Game Over.. 1600-Candle Light Vigil 1630-B-Day Cake. Pyro/Smoke; No Camping; No Grenade Rules; 10 kill radius. Through doors or windows only. Cannot throw over top of structures. You must yell grenade when delivering Ladies and Gentleman, Phantom Fury's very own Billdo is hitting the 40 year old milestone. Doctors told him he is dead at 40 so we have to shoot at him all day to make the doctor right. (disclaimer; Doctor didn't really say that!!) So We shall all bow our heads in a moment of silence for poor OLD BILLDO hitting the BIG 40. Welcome to the only Billdo Bonanza that we will ever have. We don't like Billdo that much so he only gets one B-Day skirm. The first round is a scavenger hunt game!! Each clue will lead you closer and closer to Billdo. Kinda like Wheres Waldo but with Billdo. Intel will be in Manila envelopes throughout the field. Like I said, one with a clue to find the other. This will be a 2 hours and 30 minutes long. After Chesty's famous Machete Cheeseburger BBQ, we will continue where we left off for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then its hunt Billdo. We will send Billdo out on his own with just his M60 and Scar. Then we will all go hunting. Who ever Billdo kills is now on his team. Billdo cannot die, he can only give up from the pain. Billdo's first kill you have to switch sides, then if you get killed again you will then switch back. This hopefully will be a cluster-f$%k of fun. There are no Respawns, just switching sides. This will last for 30 minutes. Then we will all attend a candle light vigil Birthday cake ceremony for the old guy. Sound like fun? Sign Up and pick your team. Red or Blue. We will be using armbands for this one BLUE TEAM: Chesty_01[Phantom Fury] Short Llama [Phantom Fury] Phiz [Phantom Fury] Vaughn [APST] Prophet [PLA] CBeran [Phantom Fury] Chief [APST] Book [MSG Recon] Hard Drive [MSG Recon] Eddie [Phantom Fury] Itan [Phantom Fury] Angel [Phantom Fury] Julio [Phantom Fury] Limpy [PLA] BLOODSHOTGUN YOGI+2 RED TEAM: Blitzkreig Stang [Phantom Fury] Nickky (Boy not hot chick) ABT+2 PeaShooter [Phantom Fury] Tommy53 Octose [Phantom Fury] Sledge [Phantom Fury] r56mcs Transition [Phantom Fury] Pops Filipp14+4
  14. We have changed the mag restrictions. This is now a non regulated magazine game. Box mags will only be allowed on support weapons. We will also have rentals on site, they are limited to a first come basis.
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