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  1. It will probably still be boring if you only have a couple other friends. The more people you have the better. And look up some scenarios online to help make it exciting. Oh, and I would suggest playing one hit outs.
  2. Whats the point of getting a shell ejecting gun if you don't get to see them eject more than a couple inches?
  3. Maybe you have a bad gasket. Did you buy it used?
  4. Yeah, the whole class was a blast. I could see it being lame though because we had a pretty cool teacher.
  5. I wouldnt worry about a close to medium range rifle like a m4 or something. You are gonna have to carry that, your sniper, and maybe a side arm. its harder than it sounds.
  6. Yup, get a scope with threading on the inside and a corresponding sized killflash.
  7. wow im just visiting the irvine area for summer vacation. Good thing nobody saw me when I was testing my reasembled glock.
  8. Im pretty new to the world of GBB's too so I wont tell you anything that could be wrong. But im pretty sure that being a GBB the bb is powered by the gas, not a spring. so... no, those wont increase fps.
  9. yup, good finds. except for the crossman, that was 60 bucks down the drain. And why did you wait until after you bought it to see if you did good?
  10. That is cheap for a pistol. Expensive for a springer, but cheap for a pistol. looks like you got the short end of both sticks.
  11. I just bought one of those used. I like it but not enough to keep it on me in a game or anything. pretty cool though.
  12. The spring will have the most noticable affect on your fps but it is not the only thing you can do. Many other parts can squeeze in another 5-20 fps, its all about the compression.
  13. Actually I was going here: http://www.evergreenairsoft.org/ but its the same, just the home page, not forums. The calander in the forums is blank and the "next regular game" on the home page is 5/23/10. LOL
  14. FYI that camo pattern is MARPAT (marine pattern).I would highly advise staying away from the digital pattern, whatever color it is, simply because it is a huge pain in the a** to do nicely. This doesnt mean you have to go flat black, just not digital, you can still do a normal pattern camo. and as far as doing a logo goes, Im gonna be brutally honest, its probably gonna look like junk. But the nice thing is you can try it, and if you don't like it, just paint it something else.
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