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  1. Both of you couldn't be more wrong, sorry..but its true. the BG hopup CHAMBER sucked. The KA/2roy works completely different with very different buckings. keep doing your research.
  2. Sounds like that is your problem. Does the FPS increase as you go thru a mag of gas? try depressing the gas release on the mag quickly to let a little gas out..
  3. It'll take a couple weeks if not longer to properly set...
  4. 850psi into your magazine? you are going to blow yourself up, buddy.
  5. Brainplay, you should know that 120psi should be on a stock gun....with the right tinkering, you may only need about 70-80psi for that, even with a 555mm barrel.
  6. They are much better, for just a little bit more. Leapers scopes are machined from a solid block of aluminum, as opposed to being extruded out of aluminum or pot metal. I know your next question is what the difference is, google.
  7. Already been addressed. do a search.
  8. Dentrinityshop.com also has them in stock, confirmed as of Friday morning. I don't think I would order anything special order from Evike, they are absolutely terrible and have taken WEEKS to process every normal order I have had with them. They always have an excuse, just my two cents.
  9. +1 on this...my 3 year old Garmin USB GPS receiver(with updated firmware and software) is accurate in my carPC up to 5ft..and its got a 50ms delay which is very fast.
  10. The size of your objective lens is a double edged sword of sorts. Bigger means more light transmission for a better view(typically) as well as a wider field of view, however more light transmission also means more chances for a glare and your scope reflecting light and someone spotting you..... I like the leapers stuff and they are only about $50 for a decent piece of airsoft glass. I've had their scopes take a crap and they replaced it immediately.
  11. Well, although Polarstar and EdGI are technically two COMPANIES, they are both run by the same exact people...however IIRC, EdGI barrels are still outsourced.. as opposed to Polarstar products which Ben Noji makes In Delaware.
  12. If it's not obvious, figure it out. We can't hold your hand for every step of the way. Some stuff you are going to have to learn by trial and error . There are tons of threads and posts if you take some time to search about this.
  13. Evike never seems to have stuff in stock but, email EdGI about getting one of these if you don't want to modify anything: http://www.airsoftpost.com/images/large/Ba...IH01_629_lg.jpg
  14. That is the shell ejecting version.
  15. Well I'll assume you either are going to have your outer barrel cut down or just build an internal spacer since the longest VSR type barrels are 555mm long. Here are are some 554mm 6.01's.. http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/PDI_VSR_10_6...4mm_p/65267.htm http://www.x-fire.org/etop/01.html
  16. You are all still missing the point, that you are spending about $1000 for the starting point of a big, heavy paperweight gun. Sure, you could spend another $1000 on upgrading and tinkering, then what? Lug around a 20lb gun thats too big?
  17. I skimmed this post but pretty much everything I saw was accurate. I'm in the process of acquiring a Class III/FFL destructive devices license myself right now, ugh, thousands of dollars and months later still a pain in the .
  18. Had the same problems at first too, it happens in some of the kjw guns but not the tanaka's.
  19. Just get one of those three. If you have the money for the pdi or edgi, go for it.
  20. Just use Leapers brand scope rings they will work fine. KJW's are where you start to have trouble because 1. they are made to tolerances, and 2. they are painted, not anodized or blued.
  21. Don't waste your time, it's pretty useless on a gas rifle. Been proven, do some research.
  22. PDI 6.01mm if you can afford it. You will need to make a front barrel spacer or have Polarstar make you one for $15. This is due to the length only being 554mm Brass barrels tend to take more effort to clean and stay clean and are not as strong as steel ones such as the PDI and laylax/promy etc. PdI: $140 Edgi: $90 Laylax: $55 it's worth the money to spend a bit more in the beginning to get the return in long term investment. As far as the "best hopup upgrade", you can either make(or have custom made) a custom nub along with getting a nineball bucking, or you can start replacing the hopup parts such as the part 91, which often cracks.
  23. Remove the trigger assembly using the two pins holding it in.your bolt tension screw backed out too far.
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