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  1. Hey guys selling one of my M4's that had as a Mk18 Mod 1 build just a FYI it will not be coming with a front rail system but has a bunch of other goodies. But It will come with the following: HurricanE Metal Body with Colt trades (thats the brand I was told when I bought it maybe king arms though after I've been doing some research, don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to rip them off) G&G Crane Stock 10.5" outer barrel with A2 flash hider 300mm 6.01 tbb from ASGI Black Talon Chimerea MKII Mosfet (these are getting quite rare) Gearbox shell is JG G&G Gears JG Cylinder Lonex Cylinder Head SHS Blue Piston Steel rack SHS Poly Piston head Prommy Tappet Plate M110 spring Last time I took it out it was shooting 315 FPS any ways would like to get $200 obo Shipped for it Not taking any trades. Pics: Thanks For Looking Army4life
  2. Not sure if I should put this here or in the bst/ want section but im looking for someone that that can do some Internal mods on my 2 dmrs pm me. Thanks in advance Army4life
  3. Hey guys my name is Bradley I'm a member of Airsoft Team Misfit Syndicate, we're currently only a small 2 man team with a possible 3rd member coming on board. Anyways let me cut to the chase just trying to get us a little more exposure so please if you have some time check out our youtube channel, facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I'll put the information for each below as well as a link to our youtube channel. Please subscribe, Like, follow etc. Misfit syndicate Facebook Page Misfit syndicate youtube channel Our name on Instagram is MISFITSYNDY Misfit syndicate Tumblr And Because this is a video subforum Not sure how to embed a video but here's a link Thanks Guys Bradley
  4. Thanks for the help guys I'm going to get in contact with evike and see if they'll take it back and send a new one if not then my girls little brother is going to get one heck of an overhauled gun SHS everything cheap and reliable
  5. The fuse is normally inline with the battery so if its front wired in the hand guard its in a little plastic capsule type thing open that up take the fuse with you to auto zone or oreily auto parts. Do you need a fuse most people say you do but its one of the first things I remove and my guns have been funning fine with out one so its really your choice.
  6. Hey guys so recently took on some tech work for my girlfriends little brother just to give a bit of a background on myself Ive been teching for about 2 years mainly V2's and V7's and the CA/A&K SAW gearboxes but in that time never have I seen something like what I'm about to describe and show. Alright so heres the story so my girlfriends little brother got a JG m231 tanker from evike shot about 500 rounds or so the piston head separated from the piston and shattered now thats not the problem I'm talking about but may have lead to what I found when I took the gearbox out of the receivers. So today I pulled the gearbox out I noticed that two of the metal bushings were bent out of shape and the hole the axle goes through is now larger now my question is can the the inside diameter of a solid bushing some how grow larger due to catastrophic faliure of the piston head? Or were they defective and some how to big to begin with? Each picture shows one of the bad bushings and at least one good one Pics: Thanks in advance Army4life
  7. Hey guys I got some info I want to share theres no way I could just keep this idea to myself anyways a few months ago I bought a CA M203 mostly to use for "bunker busting" so I picked up some Pro Arms shells and 2 pocket vortexes. The price of the little football was crazy $5 for something I'll probably end up losing, while I was at work (Big 5) I was looking around the golf section and saw some FOAM practice balls and thought to myself wonder if these would fit the 203, so I bought a basket 48 balls for $15 so I save myself about $1.80 a ball and with that savings you could buy 2 more baskets. So to make a long story short balls fit absolutely perfectly they fly about 40 yards in a moderate wind and their super cheap, oh yeah and the practice balls are made by World of Golf
  8. Rules: Pay pal only Free shipping to the lower 48 PM if interested Not taking trades Hey guys just I got a Classic Army M203 Short it was a totally impulsive buy so I have no use for it bought it for $150 selling it for $140 shipped Pics: Army4life
  9. FAPC is still for sale price is $90 shipped with pouches
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