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  1. Dpearrow


    Yeah I'm hoping for that! I hope he grows up to be like me!
  2. Dpearrow


    Thanks! Yeah they don't take being a Marine seriously, they think military guys are sissies. They mistook my kindness for weakness. We had the ultrasound and... It's a Boy!
  3. Dpearrow


    So. it's been a while. Yesterday (March 4th) I turned 26. So much has happened since I last wrote here. My girlfriend is pregnant and I'm going to be a father! we have moved into her parents house to help us save up some cash to get another vehicle as well which has introduced a whole new world of problems. Not necessarily from her parents, but from the other members of the household. Her brother lives there still and so does a friend of his along with the friends girlfriend. Not a problem, right? wrong. They constantly have harassed my pregnant girlfriend, Rena. They call her a slew of names, bit**, cu**, sl**, who**,tell her they would hit her in the stomach, punch her in the arms and legs, they are, for lack of better terms "thugs." They are very quick to say they will beat someone's a**, but never have the follow up. They have even gone as far as to say that I "think I'm bad a** because I was a Marine" and how they will kick my a** and I can't fight. mostly because that is how they are, and because I am polite, quiet, and mind my own business. They talk so aggressively that people leave them alone and let them get away with everything. Well, being the Marine that I am, I stand up to them. I tell them "you need to stop calling her names" and then on a separate occasion, "don't hit her" I didn't go off and tell them "or else" or "I'll kick their a**" I just left it at "it needs to stop." well one day they are doing it again, disregarding my requests and saying I'm a puss and continuing harassing Rena. she tells them that if they have a problem for whatever reason to keep to themselves, and then her mother tells her to leave them alone, since she feels its best to let them be even when they are doing so much wrong. They have her afraid. Their agressive language and attitude has subdued her into letting them get away with everything. So I stand up. I had warned twice already to cut it out. I got in his face, Rena said I looked like a Drill Instructor. I yell "What did I tell you about that ?" to which his response as usual, was "I don't give a fu**-" he didn't have a chance to finish his sentence about why he doesn't or how bad a** he is, I decked him right in the mouth. I asked him "Do you care now, mother fu****?" then, he says "Really? You better watch your back!" I told him "No, you are wrong, I'm right here and you need to watch your front." he then stands up. I tell him "sit the fu** down, and give him another punch to the face and leg sweep him back over his chair. I follow after him and that is when his 2 friends, my girlfriend and his mother attempt to get me off of him. he reaches up to try to stop me and his hand grabs my throat. This is absolutely unacceptable and I clench his carotid artery into my fist and clench down. Nighty night a**hole. I didn't have my right arm anymore to fight, the 4 of them were tugging and pulling trying to stop it but it had him, he was mine till I was finished. Now no one say much of anything. They avoid us and don't make eye contact. It still baffles me as to how and why they act the way they do. But I'm finally glad they realize that their crap doesn't fly with me.
  4. you are using standard on a honda, I'm thinking you are using a close socket, but not the right one.
  5. I chose: I am certain there are no deities.
  6. I did finally play COD:BO... I like hardcore, but hate a lot of the things that do not stack up to real life combat, as well as the fact that with a ghille in the sun light, you stick out like a polar bear in the jungle.
  7. OH THANK SWEET TAR-BABY JESUS we stopped talking about video games in here!
  8. OK guys, I'm generally a Republican, but I can't stand Sarah Palin anymore than the rest of you. I do however, ask you to hold of your /Rage and accusations till AFTER they question the kid who did this. That is all.
  9. Does anyone else find the Irony in a Russian named account saying he's snowed in?
  10. I don't think it should be made into a movie, and if it is I will have lost all respect for the director and anyone involved. This isn't a reality show. This is real. slow and then its over.... sounds about right, slow and boring, then fast and deadly. there are probably a number of things that were not even included in the film, but it's a great example of why the area is known as "The Suck"
  11. who would say dumb mud though? I mean really.
  12. I'm definitely not black last I checked... hold on... nope. still not.
  13. when we find out the sex it wont be a secret, for sure. We are hoping for a boy, in which we will call him Benjamin, we are still thinking of a girl name.
  14. Sorry for what? I'm not a 14 year old who just accidentally got a girl pregnant... She's about 6 weeks along, too early to find out the sex. I think some time in January we can though!
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