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    College kid now,practically retired airsofter,veteran chairsofter (been a tech. for 7 years now.)

    Airsofting with my buddies was one of the best times of my life, enjoy it while it lasts

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    *Only going to list the notable/uncommon guns* Current Primary: (CQB Snow wolf Barrett m82 AEG) From my past: First "real" aeg- Jg G36 TM PSG-1 (you rare :censored2:, you will be missed, but your gearbox was atrocious.) TM Type 89 (Also a weird gearbox, mechanical burst-innovative) Barrett M99 Bolt action A&K M249 aeg Echo1 SR-25 aeg AIM GBB SVD UHC Super X-9 Gas Sniper Rifle CYMA full metal mp5 aeg WE Cqb "super alpha" gbb race pistol There are way to many "cheap" guns I've owned in the past so im not even going to bother.
  1. 1. a full stock for m4s/m16s, im talking cheap cheap jgs and whatnot, no fancy stocks, I need this very cheap. 2.a very cheap NON cqb ris system, I do not need the outer barrel. I also need this to be very cheap, no fancy ris systems please PM ME FOR FASTEST RESPONSE, OR TEXT 281 645 9428 FOR FASTEST RESPONSE!
  2. Hey ASF just getting rid of some random stuff Paypal only Trades: lmgs Contact me fastest by pm'ing me or by texting (281) 645-9428! Onto the sale! 1. Airsoft helmet, no cover, fits practically every head size. 24$ shipped 2. Tan LE stock 14$ shipped 3. Full metal Mp5 Upper reciever (no cocking tube spring!) 45$ shipped 4. Ak Ris upper reciever (no barrel,screws, hop up, what you see is what you get) 40$ shipped 5.Airsoft Molle battle belt 20$ shipped 6.Tan vest 28$ shipped 7.Thompson drum magazine 23$ shipped 8.Tan m4 450 rd hi cap 13$ shipped 9. belt pistol holster 15$ shipped 10. M4 black carrying handle 15$ shipped 11. Tan molle pistol holster 15$ shipped 12. l96 bipod 20$ shipped 13. G3 stock (no pins included) 25$ shipped 14. RIS bipod 20$ shipped 15. CCW flashhider 15$ shipped
  3. pm me (Okamiboy, please do not post your number on ASF) This is a helpful warning. *Reaper1..* heres what I need: 1. stubby m4 full stock, must have all pars to it (stock, screw, butt plate, and that tiny circular piece) 2. short high torque motor (preferably the o-type pinion gear so it doesnt fall off) 3. cqb length outer barrel with flashhider is prefered Thats all for now, have lots to trade and cash, Please note im not really looking for the products to be new for I don't have too much money right now.
  4. Hey ASF, I just recently bought a gbb aim svd, it started shooting weird, I now have to :censored2: it back manually every shot, but here is the interesting part, it is not a disconnector problem like how it can be most of the time on svd. Here is what is supposed to happen Magazine releases gas into bolt which recoils back pushing the disconnector down and the trigger catches it, and upon next pull of the trigger it releases the disconnector, and the cycle repeats, here is my problem, the aim svds bolt recoils is about 1/3 versus WE's svd which is 2/3 so I doubt this problem happens on the WE svd. I feel like something is wrong with the bolt, like it is not recoiling back properly. What can I do to fix this problem? Can I buy replacement gbb svd parts? I cant seem to find any anywhere. Is it a magazine problem because the magazine is having issues, but I doubt this is the issue, I already ordered a replacement mag If anyone could help me out with this that would be amazing
  5. Hey everyone today I am selling my custom m4 because I am saving up money for a new aeg Rules: I am not accepting trades, unless you have by chance a snow wolf m82 aeg, please pm me if you have one Paypal only Picture time! Externals: *KWA m4 RIS *KWA m4 crane stock *Custom made rubberized silencer made by me *Magpul magazine Internals: *Tightbore barrel *one piece hopup *DIY mods done to gearbox *Stock spring ~370 fps *ECHO 1/ JG blue motor! *Soldered To deans connections Would like to get 180$ plus shipping for this gun Please note! - This gun does not include a battery, you will also get everything you see in the picture THE FASTEST WAY TO CONTACT ME IS TO TEXT 281-645-9428 OR PM ME !!!
  6. title says all, I have lots to trade , guns and stuff , pm me for quick response, or text 281-645-9428 for quickest response
  7. <AT>Hotloogy, don't worry the problem will be resolved, bump
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