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    College kid now,practically retired airsofter,veteran chairsofter (been a tech. for 7 years now.)

    Airsofting with my buddies was one of the best times of my life, enjoy it while it lasts

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    *Only going to list the notable/uncommon guns* Current Primary: (CQB Snow wolf Barrett m82 AEG) From my past: First "real" aeg- Jg G36 TM PSG-1 (you rare :censored2:, you will be missed, but your gearbox was atrocious.) TM Type 89 (Also a weird gearbox, mechanical burst-innovative) Barrett M99 Bolt action A&K M249 aeg Echo1 SR-25 aeg AIM GBB SVD UHC Super X-9 Gas Sniper Rifle CYMA full metal mp5 aeg WE Cqb "super alpha" gbb race pistol There are way to many "cheap" guns I've owned in the past so im not even going to bother.

okamiboy's Feedback

  1. EFSFMatt left Positive feedback   

    G3 Hi-Cap magazine

    okamiboy was The Seller

  2. EFSFMatt left Positive feedback   

    V2 Gearboxes

    okamiboy was The Seller

  3. Xander Bolanos left Positive feedback   

    Sold me ACOG everything as described and a pleasure to deal with

    okamiboy was The Seller

  4. southpaw left Positive feedback   

    Bought cylinder,piston and piston head

    okamiboy was The Seller

  5. freespace535 left Positive feedback   

    Misc M4 externals for a Radio

    okamiboy was The Seller

  6. scopeM left Positive feedback   

    ECHO/JG m4

    okamiboy was The Seller

  7. SupraAddict left Positive feedback   

    M4 for $

    okamiboy was The Seller

  8. afathobo13 left Positive feedback   


    okamiboy was The Seller

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