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    I like XboX 360, hunting, fishing, and I think AIRSOFT

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    King arms m16 dmr S thunder Tri shot shotgun KWA Mac11 KWA G26c 8in revolver

Stupid Submachinegunner's Feedback

  1. Ginger_Bread_Man666 left Positive feedback   

    G26C for KWA 93R

    Stupid Submachinegunner was The Seller

  2. speed7bump left Positive feedback   

    Traded my m11a1 for his revolver

    Stupid Submachinegunner was The Seller

  3. Jaxer left Positive feedback   

    Upgraded Classic Army LWRC PSD for A&K M60 and Combat boots.

    Stupid Submachinegunner was The Seller

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