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  1. That didnt rely work as I though it would any other ideas?
  2. Basically all I did was take out the motor once. Ever since then I cant get it to the right position (thats what I think) Its nothing to do with the motor since I can still hear it roaring but its not in contact with anything in the gear box. Im not sure what to do Maybe the wires are causing trouble? Anyway its actually my dads gun so I need to fix it urgent. -Any Help Appreciated
  3. couple of questions: Do regular batteries work or do u have to buy the special TM kind? Do regular 5.56 AEG mags work? Can you hit people that are reasonably far away when playing outdoors? -Thanks
  4. So guys, Im a little stuck here. Ive been running my Classic Army M15A2 (full butt-stock) on 8.4v battery for about 2 years now. I haven't upgraded anything anything internally and I would like to use a 9.6v instead. Would this be feasible and will the gun still be a durable weapon as I don't want it to break anytime soon. Please help a Newbie out! -Thanks
  5. Ok guys, I have been using my Classic Army M16A2 for around 2 years now and its been given a RIS handguard. with a Magpul AFG, I have been playing equal amounts of CQB and Field and I would like to buy a new stock (retractable). It needs to fit a standard 8.4 volt battery and if you could give me info on the Buffer tube needed. Also I would like a magpul stock but if not anythings good. Thanks in Advance
  6. A great Idea! (I will buy a couple of tornados eventually, but till then I need some other alternative that don't include any grenades or flashbangs or anything regardless of that thanks for the contributions!
  7. here is a walk through of the field (when I play the lights are usually of)
  8. Alright, Yesterday I played a CQB game and it was like living hell. half the time we were stuck just shooting through tiny cracks in doors and things. Overall fun but I need help: alot of the time the enemy would just open the door (the field is extremely tight, the doors are just pieces of plywood on hinges and no knobs or anything) And spray blindly. I need a tactic to counter this, Note the same problem occurred around corners too. Here is a link to a video I found of the field: Also I need any CQB tactics Available. P.s in the vid u will see a red tunnel last game we got trapped there and then it was just a line of us stuck not getting hit but not being able to move either. tips pls also IM using a M16a2 with laser and an eotech so it is a bit long forCQB but I have a marui desert warrior with me as a backup at all times.
  9. Thanks so much for your defensive action and I suppose I could toughen up a little. Anyway I think I will try using war-cries and stuff thanks for everything but could we keep this thread going for new players who need advice!
  10. I have a friend who is new to airsoft and he wants a Gbb and we are going to be playing a mixed amount of Woodland/CQB games. The thing is he has watched loads of cool movies like the expendables and he thinks that he will be able to kill everyone and do all the rolling and everything with his GBB. Regardless of how cool that sounds I don't think it is a good idea to buy a GBB as a first gun. I told him that I would post on this forum and he will basically listen to you experienced players. The budget he has to stay under is $150-200 so I thought an CA sportline style thing would be good. Anyway tell him what you think about AEG vs Gbb Remember the range has to be pretty reasonable (woodland) -Thanks in Advance
  11. Anyway Basically I live in Hong Kong where Airsoft is a big thing and when I play CQB I have to take a Subway to get there, Now in HK taking Airsoft guns (in cases of course) is not a big deal and cops and stuff are fine with it so don't post about that. Now to move on to my actual issue: How do I carry my vest And everything (gas and bbs) to a game. Last game I used a sack Like thing which was horrible to carry and was really inconvenient. So please give me answers. - Zub
  12. well Ive bought the pistol and it is a tokyo marui desert warrior 4.3. 22 round mag (unfortunately most stores are out of spare mags for this pistol) so for now I will Use one mag. thanks for your help guys very usefulll stuff will use it on the field soon
  13. Thats so cool coz ive played there 2!!!!! CQB studio rite???? Im going again in jan PS sorry to necro post I was just so thrilled
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