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  1. As per your PM request. The buffer tubes seem to be the thing these days. I will do a little recon into this. I have a couple guns at home I can test fit some in, and see about offering something of quality. I thought our 1100mah 11.1V fit though. At least I vaguely remember a few locals using them in their buffer tubes. The dimensions on the site may be a little off though.
  2. A bit of a delayed response since I havent been on the board in a while I am not sure what we have done to you, to make you so angry. You are hands down the most negative, angry, pissed off person I have dealt with in the 11 years I have been making batteries. So I do not intend on fueling your fire much more It all boils down to this with EAB. WE have been making batteries for 11 years. We spend lots of man hours and money on testing, developing, and researching factories to offer the best products we can for a given application. Perhaps "bashing" competitors isnt the best tact, but who doesnt in some way do that about the next business by advertising better prices, claims, or...? It is just a beat around the bush kind of way of doing it. The difference between us and the other places is that we are up front on stuff. We take care of our customers. If someone isnt happy with a product, we take care of em. You get replies from emails from us. I have dealt with places like hobbyking and hobbypartz, and getting a clear response isnt always the easiest. Sure, we do purchase a bit of products out of china, but everyone does. We have a small hand full of factories that over the years of testing, we have collected what we believe to be the best for us. We trust the quality of the products, and keep up on everything to make sure quality doesnt slip So, ordering from us or the other guy, yeah, you're getting a bit of china in there. But while ordering from the majority of discount places, you get hit and miss quality. It's just the way it is. And to some, that's fine. They don't mind ordering and taking a chance. For the price, they figure it's worth a shot. And I cant say as I blame em! With us, at least you know that we take a lot of time to test the products and do our best to make sure everything that goes out is quality. There is no such thing as 100% efficiency. But we take care of the issues as they come up In conclusion, You seem to be pretty adamant that we are screwing people.... and are the problem of something. Not sure where you are getting that. We have never refused to give a customer a refund, replacement, or help. We are a small family business trying to do what we love, and feed our families. If you cant see that, then I don't know what else to tell you. No one is twisting your arm, to buy our products. So why sit here and put up so much of a fight against us like we are criminals? What do YOU have to gain? If you were wronged by us, feel free to post it. But I don't see why you are on such the offense on something you seem to have no venture in. Our opinions are very clearly opposite. Sorry to hear you have had issues with the LVC. We have had a couple of those fail, and since then we test every unit before they leave. So far we havent had a failure. I would like to re-create the problem so I can figure it out. We have had several customers in the past have issues with a bad battery, and I am guessing whomever answered your email thought you were experiencing the same issue. I am not sure who you talked to, but I surely wouldnt have summed it up to a bad battery. You were probably refunded, because they didnt want to send you another, to have it fail immediately. That has happened in the past because there was an issue with the customers battery. In the future, email me at chris<at>eliteairsoftbatteries.com, and I will take care of you. Sometimes the others replying to emails have to make judgement calls. I am a little softer then them in that respect. So I spend a little more time going through what could have caused the issue.
  3. This is a delayed response since I havent been on the board in a while, but even though you are an engineering student, you have much to learn still I have been making Lipos since about 02'. They have really only been in the RC scene since around then. So first and foremost, you wont find a manufacturer of 30 years. Secondly, Ordering cells offline, without testing them, doesnt mean a thing. In the battery world, a lot of places advertise a certain C rating, without being even close. For example, I havent seen anything perform past about a true 40-45C in years, yet there are batteries claiming 75+ C. We test ALOT of batteries around here, and are one of the few places that do it anymore On your argument of voltage. I have not seen a 4.2v Lion cell on the market. The highest voltage in the RC world, is a 3.7v. Lion really isnt a good contender in airsoft or RC to be honests. They perform about as good as a Nimh, but take up a lot more space. It does ok, but the voltage drop isnt that great. Nor is the C rating. Lipo cells are a much better chemistry for performance. They DO charge to 4.2V. Your argument of 8.4V Lithium out performing NiMh is flase also. Sure the Nimh drops in voltage, but so does Lion, and Lipo. A good Lipo will drop to around 3.6v per cell under a given load, and Lion is around 3.2. Nimh generally hovers around 1v per cell. Not to mention, Nimh peaks at 1.5V per cell. So do the math. An 8 cell Nimh, peaks at 12v. When under a load it will be around 8v. A lipo will dip to around 7.4v. A Lion will dip to about 6.4v You can argue all you want, but I have been doing this for 11 years, and have seen time and time again what happens to them under a load. I also have a large airsoft arena a friend runs locally. All their players did some testing also, and concluded that a 9.6 Nimh of a good quality is hands down better than a 7.4V lipo. Now an 11.1V is different. That WILL have a higher rate of fire. But if you're comparing a good 9.6v Nimh to a good 7.4v lipo, the Nimh will win every time. I promise you that And lastly, you mention using a molex plug for the battery. Again, you have much to learn. The plastic little Tamiya(molex) plugs that come stock, are junk. A deans is the way to go. I am not sure where I was incorrect. Would you mind telling me where I was wrong? I only had time to skim this a bit, then skim my original post.
  4. Man, I am not sure who pee'd in your wheeties this morning, but youre certainly grumpy. Calling me a "Spammer", "Douche" and saying "YOU ARE THE PROBLEM"... How so? I am a vendor here, and spend a lot of time researching this market to make sure we can offer you folks good products. If no one tried to fight for their labor/jobs.... how much crappier do you think the un-employment rate would get?? You're right... Your not interpreting me right on that. Do you know how lipos work? If not.... To make it simple, imagine you have 2 stacks of paper, both 25mm thick. 1 stack has less pieces, but each piece is much thicker. The other has much more pieces, but each piece is much thinner. This is kind of what the inside of a lipo works. The stack with thicker paper is the pack that has a higher C rating, and lower MAH. The other stack with more paper. What one guy was asking, was for the pack to be the same physical size, but have higher MAH AND C rating. That is not possible. To increase the C rating the "Paper" inside has to be thicker per wrap. And to increase the MAH, the "paper" has to have more wraps. Both increase the size. There is no way around that. As for my supposed "Sympathy Plea", how do you figure its a sympathy plea? Because I am trying to explain the difference between our products, and something you get from a Chinese warehouse? In your other rather un-friendly post in a different thread, you go on to say "Apples?? But you are selling KIA's not FORD's!! Your product is manufactured in a China Factory and only 75% assembled in the US............. You don't make the cells, you don't make the connectors, you don't make the wire, you don't make the heat shrink tubing, you don't make the solder or the circuit board........... All you make is inflated prices & BS spam marketing." Your right. We don't make all the materials in house. But WHO does? Say youre a construction worker... I guarantee you don't make the wood, nails, screws, tools, and other necessary materials to make the building. OR say you are a software developer. You don't make the computer and all its parts inside.... How is that a fair comparison, or even relevant? Plus, Kia's are produced in Korea, and Fords are made in mostly North America as well as a few other countries. When I made the ford/kia statement, it was a comparison of quality. I can sit here any try to explain myself to some of you who think "YOU ARE THE PROBLEM" but facts don't lie. I have friends all over that work in industries that are losing jobs to Chinese labor. We lose business to places where we compete against their labor. Then we have people that when they ask us about our prices, they think that we are somehow screwing them if we make any money off of our products. If a company buys a battery for 10 bucks, and sells it for 20, that doesnt mean they profit 10 bucks.... We are not simply kicking up prices to be greedy. There is a lot more that goes into running a business than most think. Any bit of markup that is in the price of something doesnt just go into our pockets. It pays the bills, pays high tax rates, pays employees, and IF there is anything left, some of that goes into researching new product and your pocket. Below are a couple quotes I pulled off of RCCrawler.com where I am also a vendor. John hit the nail on the head
  5. First things first. Just because a pack says 40C on it, doesnt mean it will actually handle a 40C discharge. We have tested thousands of batteries over the years that factories send us to try. I have seen stuff say 35C and only be a true 15C. Thats the biggest problem in the battery world, is that not only do we compete with places under-cutting us, but at least half of em arent even close to their ratings. I wont put the Elite name on anything unless it lives up to the ratings. We spend lots of time and money to have the proper equipment to be able to test batteries properly, so we can assure the customers are getting what they pay for And you didnt get what I said about the higher C. Lets say you take out 1100mah 3S 20C pack. If a customer said that battery fit his gun with no room to spare, and he wanted to have the same cell, with more C or more mah, then it would be impossible. Yeah, you can have something higher C, but the battery has to get larger. No way around that. You cant take a cell of a given size and have it magically have more C or mah. Just doesnt work that way Lastly, just because you can feel the battery dip, doesnt mean you arent hurting it. The LVC tests for loaded voltage. Say you have a 3S pack. It's cut off should be 9V. Chances are your gun will still work 1-2V below that. But that doesnt mean you arent over dis-charging it. The fact that someone isnt willing to spend 7 bucks to protect their batteries from dying says a lot. 7 bucks would save a guy much more in ruined packs. Now you may have been able to get things to work with your methods. But there is a difference between something simply working, and something working right. You could make kia pull a car trailer with a car on it. Sure it will move, but it isnt ideal. Same concept applies to batteries. The more we push them to their thresh holds, the more room there is for error A few things to consider here. I don't think you understand how C ratings relative to capacity work. Say you have a(to make math easy) 1666mah 3S 3C pack. That could handle a max of 5 amps. Now lets say you wanted something with a higher C, lower mah. Say you you have(to make the math easy) a 1000mah 3S 5C pack. That would mean the pack can handle a max of 5 amps. Ideally you want the C to go up, and the capacity to stay the same. Otherwise whats the point. In this case, if you were to apply a constant load of 5 amps to the 2 packs, you will get about 3 mins of runtime from the 1666mah, and about 2 mins from the 1000mah Having a larger C rating doesnt really make it better automatically. It all boils down to the C rating relative to the capacity(mah) As for round cells... they exist. They're called Lion, and they are kind of a waste of time. We don't make the cells here in the US. ALL lipos are made in China as far as I know. And as far as we understand, it's not possible to have a Lipo in a round cell, based on the way they are constructed Well Venom and the other brands you list are geared towards RC. In the RC world, 99% of the models have the LVC built in. At least the ones using lipo. The models will say if the ESC's are capable of using lipo, and if not, most don't use lipo. This is because the ESC's have an LVC built in. And in the world of RC, venom is a lower grade battery to be honest. Many of the guys/gals that are really into RC, wouldnt touch Venom with a 10 foot pole. I love Hyperion and TP. They make really nice batteries. PollyRC/Polly Quest do also. But they are RC brands. The airsoft world is a bit different though for batteries The reason the LVC issue is here in airsoft is because believe it or not, at least half to 75% of the customers we have dealt with, and I have dealt with in person at local arenas, have no clue what an LVC even is. When we first launched EAB, we had a large amount of complaints of batteries only working once. Then come to find out people werent using an LVC. As a business, we are entitled to cover out butts. If we replaced every pack that was dead as a result of not using an LVC, we would go out of business because there is an overwhelming amount of people that don't use it. We have had people send in lipos that were simply no good, and we replace em. The LVC rule isnt there just to get out of replacing packs if they need, it's to protect our butts from them being mis-used. The reason is, because the customer has the ability to use a lipo with an LVC much easier. Guns don't have these built in like an RC would. Between that, and the fact that many people don't use em(intended or not) we have to enforce that rule. I guarantee if you called Thunder Power up, and said you used a pack in an airsoft gun and it went bad. They found out that you over dis-charged it, you would not be getting your pack replaced. As far as I know ANY brand of lipo would do the same thing. But since the majority of the manufacturers are RC based, it's not natural to ask if you use an LVC because that is generally not an issue. If TP starts an airsoft line, and they start to get many returned, then I can guarantee they will have a similar LVC rule in place. Anyone able to send in a lipo that is bad due to not using an LVC to various brands is simply slipping things under the radar(intended or not) and it's not because they will simply replace ANYTHING, its that they arent aware of the conditions airsofters have VS the RC guys I would 100% agree that lipos can go below 3v with massive failures. And I also have preached that lipos cant catch fire unless over charged. But when you have had attorneys office sniffing around because a customer burnt their house down, you might change how to word things to cover your butt. I never said that ALL lipos catch fire. But in some extreme circumstances, it CAN happen. VERY rare... but it can In the end with the whole LVC argument.... is 7 bucks for the protection REALLY that much of a problem? 7 bucks protects your battery from failure, and also ensures that if you use it, you are going to get taken care of by us. If 7 bucks is too much to afford, perhaps this is the wrong hobby for anyone who thinks that. I sure wont skimp on 7 bucks if it means that I wont have to worry about killing a pack... Especially since you can use the 7 dollar protection on all of your batteries that are the same cell count.
  6. The higher C rating packs are pretty much impossible without a chemistry change. You cant fit 5 gallons of water into a 4 gallon bucket. The same applies for batteries. In a given size of cell you can either have: Low capacity/High C, or Low C/High capacity. There is really no other way around that. That's a scary statement. Are you implying that we should replace your pack even if you are at fault? An LVC is a safety device, and it is to protect your battery from failure, and your house from a fire. Lipos as you know, cant go below 3v per cell. So why should we replace a pack that a customer over dis-charged? Would a dealership replace an engine in your brand new car if you never changed the oil, and it seized? No. Because there is a certain level of maintenance that the customer is responsible for.
  7. So it gets brought up fairly often when a customer asks about our prices compared to places like hobby king. First off, we are not comparing apples to apples here. The quality and customer service to price ratio is totally different. EliteAirsoftBatteries is a US based business, and 75% of our product is assembled in the US. Some gets produced at our Chinese factory. But when we chose a factory for a specific item, we spend a lot of time to research, test, and develop the best product for the money. All that hard work we put in, ensures that you... the customer... gets the best bang for the buck. Why are places like hobby king so cheap? No one REALLY knows, but making batteries for the last 10+ years, I can say that they are most likely buying factory leftovers. When the lipo cells are made, they are made into a mold. Kind of like a cupcake cooking sheet. There are many different sizes of molds, and they are for many different applications. So this means, that every factory in China most likely has a mold for all the common sizes. When they over-produce a cell or pack, and have to un-load them, places like the brands hobby king carry's buy them up and produce packs. So with brands like turnigy, sky, and rhino, you are likely getting a factories leftovers. This means that the brand is buying from several factories to make packs. And with that, you get in-consistent quality. Trust me on that, I see it all the time. Get a dozen guys saying they have really bad luck with a particular pack, and another dozen saying they never have issues. Next, you have to consider the customer service end of it. Many many people have complained that they buy a battery from a cheap place like hobby king, and it is dead right out of the box. They contact em, and never hear back, or are told that they are SOL. You wont experience that buying from EliteAirsoftBatteries When you have problems with a pack, there is always someone here to help you out. That is not always the case with these massive discount places. Another thing to keep in mind, is the fact that we ARE US based. Make packs here in Oregon. I am sure you all want to support locals, and help the economy. Buying from places like hobby king hurts our economy because the Chinese are undercutting good US based businesses and selling directly to the customer. If everyone keeps spending like this, our economy is only going to get worse. There have been many small battery places we have seen go out of business because of places like hobby king. I know we all cant afford the best stuff, and saving money becomes a priority. But at what cost? Often, you spend MORE money with places like hobby king because of the bad product you could get, and just throw out. I am a firm believer in buy it once. I have been running Elite lipos in my toys for years now, and never had a problem. Wouldnt you like to buy a couple nice packs, and have them last a couple years? Keep your business in the US, even if it's not with us.
  8. Thats an un-fair judgement on us. You forget the quality and customer service to price relativity. Sure you can go buy a few hobby king batteries for cheaper, but when something goes wrong with em, you are SOL. I have many many locals that buy a cheapie pack from hobby king, and then when they have a pack fail, they are SOL. When you have an issue with our packs, you get taken care of. Just something to keep in mind. You don't go to a Ford dealership, and complain about the prices, and say you can get a Kia for much cheaper do you? Thats because you arent comparing apples to apples.
  9. I would not recommend taping it up. You will have issues and it will heat the pack up. You will need to have it soldered back on Those stock packs arent the best in the world. You will get night and day better performance out of a nice battery. For the money, I would go with this: http://eliteairsoftbatteries.com/products/...small-type.aspx
  10. I would be cautious. They can have issues. I have had several fake deans, not mate well with real ones.
  11. This is a nice charger. We warranty them if you have issues. We have sold many with little to no issues
  12. Tenergy batteries aren't that good at all. The Elites are the best you can get. Below is a link to a battery that will hands down out perform both of those batteries http://eliteairsoftbatteries.com/products/...ttery-pack.aspx
  13. No, that is a Nimh/Nicad only. Using that charger will cause a fire
  14. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if not, sorry in advance. Copy and paste from another forum. This is really aimed at local guys: Hi all, I am offering up my services to wire up your guns and batteries. I professionally solder for a living, and have a lot of electrical experience from automotive, to RC, and more. I have been putting deans plugs on guns and packs, fixing batteries, and installing better wiring in guns at my buddies indoor arena(Cross The Line). Below is his address. I will have a room there where I can do anything you need from airsoft guns to RC cars. I am a competitive RC Crawler guy, and have done up custom ESC configurations for several years. On a side note, I also am a fabricator on the side, and am working on a few custom arena guns. So this may turn into me modding peoples guns too. Feel free to inquire about this as well. PM me or post up for more details and/or questions. My future location: Cross The Line 1600 Northeast 25th Avenue Hillsboro, OR 97124 http://www.ctloa.com/ Here are some pics of work I have done for myself and other people. Pics aren't the best in some, but they give you an idea of what I can do.
  15. I do apologize for the problems you had. Unfortunately with the website, it seems that sometimes peoples browsers and settings hassle us. There is only so much we can control. We have also been slammed with you airsoft guys' orders. So with the increase on volume, it means there is more room for error. Most likely, there were 2 orders next to each other that were identical aside of the plug. And probably got switched at the shrink wrap station. Most everything is hand made. Not to say it excuses the mixup. But that is likely what happened.
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