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    Echo 1 G36C w/ Collapsible stock and Leapers Red/Green Dot sight and Foregrip. also with modified spring TSD M9 GBB Pistol Double Eagle M56B w/ sling
  1. Okay so I was wondering like what kind of loadout this would be, and if like you think it would look good. Toe-to-head: Tan combat boots Multicam pants OD belt with black drop leg holster COndor MOPC OD (everything on it OD as well) Black shirt or OD north face fleece balaclava full face mask tan ballcap or multicam boonie or blackish dark gray MICH2002 Tan Combat Machine w/ black RIS
  2. ahey everybody! I am not looking for a real Eotech Holo Sight as I donnot have the money and im not that serious. I just want an ok replica thats like under 60. so I have found these cheap ones. and they look fine to me. What do you think, Like OMG HORRIBLE GO AHEAD AND KILL YOURSELF before you buy these or just like Go ahead these look good. Tell me what ya think! thanks! http://www.waridiot.com/index_eproduct_vie...products_id=150 or http://www.waridiot.com/index_eproduct_vie...products_id=270 I am leaning to the second one more than the first but again tell me what ya think! -Chris
  3. Hey so I juust recently Purchased an OD CONDOR MOPC (Modular Operator Plate Carrier) and I am just wondering what do you think about it. How good is the quality? How long will it last? Pros? Cons? Thanks, I appreciate it!
  4. yah sorry my bad, this is the exact thing http://www.airsoftoutletnw.com/index.php/A...-Dot-Sight.html
  5. is th eleapers utg red/green dot sight any good, I have had it for awhile justt seeing what other ppl think. thanks
  6. OKay guys! so I need some boots, for under $30. for certain reasons. If you live in washington that would be the best. Cuz I live there lol. don't care if used as long as there not completely wrecked. thanks
  7. Okay thanks man actually I am planning to go to tacoma tactical on friday. So yeah most likely friday at around 3pmish. My name is Christian spencer. I will be adminning for a bit and then playing for a bit asw well. so yeah just hit me up at anytime
  8. You will have tighter groupings and better consistencies with a polarstar concave space and a new systema hop up bucking! also a G an P m120 mottor is pretty good just in case, also it is good for your RoF. Hope I helped!
  9. Hi everybody, I am trying to get a higher RoF but lower fps on my G & G M16 Combat Machine M4, and I have heard of the simple get a better battery and I am going to, also heard of the deans connectors, and are those just the simple way to do it, or are ther some other simple ways? Thanks!
  10. Ok! thanks everybody that helps me alot especially the precise answer of buppus! thank you! Thanks!
  11. Hey Everybody, just wondering if putting a new systema bucking and PCS will really help the range on my G and G M16 Combat Machine M4 Thanks!
  12. I unfortunately have the random need to say this. But, you should buy one of each. HAAHA. That would pretty much solve the problems. In a way, sorta. Sorry, don't hate on my comment please. Peace
  13. What kind of battery does this gun take? Please help hurry!!! http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=32676
  14. Please become an authorized seller.
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