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  1. Custom G&G UMG + QD Suppressor $400 + Shipping NO TRADES, GETTING OUT......HAVE BEEN OUT OF THE GAME Gun: Latest Model G&G UMG Mods: Stock Motor SHS 13:1 High Speed Gears Shimmed Well Modify 110 Spring? (cant remember, CQB Ready though) SHS Full Steel Teeth Pistol (AOE) Scatterplot 70 Sorbo Modify 7mm (I think) Ball Bearings Lonex POM Piston Head Modify Ball Bearing Spring Guide Modify or Guarder Aluminum Cylinder head Lonex Air Nozzle Forgot Length Prommy 6.03 Barrel Specs: Normal Hop: ~350 FPS 30-32 rps Full Hop: 360 fps: 30-32 rps Comes with: 3x 540 Rds Hi Cap Magazine 1750 mah 20c 11.1 Lipo G&G UMG QD Suppressor w/ foam G&P Aimpoint w/ Cantilever Mount And Free BBS I built this gun a year ago and only fielded it once. Will do videos on request to show it functions etc.
  2. How much for just guns and mag? Part out? Trades? Please and thanks.
  3. BUMp. MAruzen APS2 - 175 Shipped, Masada 425 Shipped
  4. trade maruzen aps 2 for the m500?
  5. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Maruzen-...TS-t243913.html
  6. Bump 175 for Maruzen, 425 for Masada...not including shipping
  7. don't doubt it. Pioneer was a poor word choice.........Well Known*** lol
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