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  1. Alright just gonna do a quick sale today, I am no longer airsofting seriously, so I need to sell off my more expensive equipment for funds towards a BMW M3 :) Rules: 1. You pay for shipping 2. All items are shipped USPS Priority Mail 3. NO TRADES NO NO NO TRADES. NONE. 4. I only accept PayPal, no exceptions 5. Do not lowball me So I received this gun in a trade a while back, and have only used it once since. The original owner bought the last one from a store when he found out that KWA had the licensing pulled on them, and I believe he never used it for more than 1000 rounds. I probably put an addition 500 rounds through it on a short skirmish day at HSP socal at a large team event. I have worked with every gun from Daytona's (I don't sell them anymore stop PMing me haha), JAC, Escort, Shoei, G&P GBBR's, KWA GBBR's, KJW GBBR, etc. So its an understatement to say that I know what I am doing when it comes to gas guns. I assure this is in excellent condition, ran on propane so it wouldnt get over lubed, and then lubed it myself with silicone oil. The gun is a fantastic shooter and attracts a ton of attention. Very loud, its just so satisfying to shoot. Incredibly accurate too, and it shoots under 400 so you can take it to almost all areas. The gun comes with 4 mags. 3 mags are fully assembled, and working, they just need a new o-ring for the fill valve. No technical work needed for those of you who don't know, you literally just drop the o-ring into the area underneath the mag where you press the gas in and you are done, simple as that. I would do it but I don't have anymore. I can cut some o-rings out of a wiring harnass so you can test the gun as soon as it arrives, but I would recommend grabbing a set of moondog o-rings for a few bucks, just so you have extras. The last mag was taken apart, and I have all the pieces except the feeder on top, I will search for it, but I cant promise anything. Overall you are getting 3 complete NON LEAKY mags, and a 4th that is also NON LEAKY and just needs a few cheap parts to put back together. I also have a custom kydex molded mag holder. Extremely cool and useful, I would say its priceless. Works well, wont ever drop a mag, and will assist in quick mag reloads. The thing actually gets more attention on the field than the actual gun, and I get a ton of offers for it. I will NOT part this out, it comes with the package :) It will include all of the following: -1x KWA Kriss Vector with around ~1500 shots -4x 50rd Magazines NON-LEAKY -1x Black Flash Hider -1x Custom Mag Holder Price - $350 OBO
  2. If he offered you more than what you had listed, he is most likely not a valid buyer and trying to scam you. Just be careful.
  3. Going to Mexico for 4 days, so I will have limited access to internet. Keep that in mind.
  4. 2x Midcaps sold and Barrel setup sold. Everything else is still available!
  5. 12. Desert Camo Pouch High quality build, extra pocket/divider. Price - $10 13. 2x Tactical Knife Both are a bit beat up and worn, but nice quality. Price - $8 each 14. 2x Tactical Bipods Fits on an standard airsoft rail, great for support, sniper, or even assault rifles. Adjusts to be springy or solid, and they can be flipped down or out. VERY solid, they work great. Price: $10 each 15. Ultra Custom G&P High Speed M120 Motor Rarely used, used to be in my TM M4, but I removed it as I am parting it out. High quality motor for a great price! Price - $25 16. F*ck You Patch Need I say anything ;) Price - $5 17. Super Brain Smart Charger Fast, intuitive charger with a full LCD display. Charges NI-MH and NI-CD batteries I believe. Solder whatever connection you need to the wires, its open for both deans and Tamiya. Price - $40 18. Knee/Elbow Pads Pretty beat up, still work fine though. Price - $12 That's all for now!
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