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  1. Free bump for an awesome MP5k! If the price ever drops low enough to fit my wallet, I'll buy it.
  2. Logical, you are NOT at fault anywhere. None of these sales are your fault. The one that you feel is your fault really isn't. How can you foresee your plans for the coming week? If you're busy, it's not your fault. The buyer was just being pissy.
  3. I believe it's the M4 hicap, which might be taken...
  4. BTT... Come on guys, it's free! Take it and give some of your crap away...
  5. I have become the middle man for an airsoft field. From now on, I will be advertising for this field (Hopefully it gets me free games:P) So, after combing the rules with a fine-tooth comb, since I see nothing about this in the rules, here we go: Op: Tora Bora (airsoft Op) Saturday, October 1 · 7:00am - 7:00pm "Osama Bin Laden is reported to be in the area. Taliban forces know the land and will pull every trick in the book. Do you have what it takes to rewrite history?" ... Site opens at 5pm Friday, Sept. 31. 0700 hours - air, chrono and registration open 0930 hours - safety meeting and announcements 1000 hours - game on 1200 hours - lunch brake 1330 hours - game on 1800 hours - game ends 1830 hours - final score and announcements Price is $35 at the gate ...or you can pre-reg for $25 before 9/27/11 All people who play this event will be given a player pack with a map, personal mission and game tag. There will be a special prize for the best Taliban outfit. The site is: Hog Wild Paintball 26724 FM 1602 Hico, Texas 76457 For more info: madivanscenarios@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> madivans.com Operaration: Joint Endeavor (Airsoft Op) Friday, December 2 at 5:00pm - December 4 at 8:00pm "The U.N. has been deployed in the middle of a 800 year old fight. The Serb and Bosnian forces have been brutalizing each other for the past year in the little town of Deboj. Both sides are busy grabbing every bit of real estate before the U.N. locks everything down. There is only a 28 hour window to hold the town, surrounding land and keep the dark secrets of the war that has been raging." ...Site opens at 12:00hrs Friday, Dec. 2. Pre-game party, meet and greet opens at 19:00hrs. Sat. 0800 hours - Chrono and registration open 1030 hours - safety meeting and announcements 1100 hours - game on Missions and special scenes will run until dark. Shortly after dark there will be a night op safety briefing. ALL PLAYERS WISHING TO BE PART OF THE NIGHT OPS MUST ATTEND THE NIGHT BRIEFING! 2000 hours - first night op starts Sun. 0100 hours - night ops end 0600 hours - Missions start and fields are hot again 1400 hours - Game ends 1500 hours - Score announced and awards Price is $70 at the gate ...or you can pre-reg for $50 before 9/21/11 All people who play this event will be given a player pack with a map, personal mission and game tag. We are actively looking for a team of no more than 20 hard core people to take the role of the UN forces. Requirements are that this team must have a white jeep, pick up or military vehicle for use in the game and be willing to put together the proper uniform blue helmets, hats or berets. The Serb forces will be allowed green uniforms. Bosnian forces are allowed civilian clothing and tan uniforms. This event will be held at the Four Winds Ren-Fair site. We will be using two operational zones for this event. Zone One is a European village covering 17 acres and attached 30 acres of woods and open feild. Zone Two is 60 acres of mixed unimproved terrain with a river bordering two sides. Command staff positions are open. We have showers, restrooms and RV hookups in the campground. RV hookups cost $25 for the weekend. Artillery will be used in this game along with almost every aspect of the Landstrade rule system, This site is capable of supporting more than 2,000 players. Obviously this is a first year event, so we are not certain of out turn out number this year. But, we feel that this should have quite a draw... The site is: 2178 C.R.2138 Troup, TX 75789 For more info: madivanscenarios@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> madivans.com The rules are located here http://www.northtexasairsoft.org/boards/sh...nt&p=104993
  6. Love that TM 5.1, but I don't have the money :(
  7. Nope, everything in this thread is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! The guys sends you his item, free of charge, and you send your item completely free of charge(you keep the shipping costs) Hope that helps, and Bump.
  8. 2 G36 rails, G36 mags, smart charger, and mag pouch.... (Will the G36 mags fit in the mag pouches?) How much shipped? I'll need to save, but I'll save enough eventually :p(only have $32 something)
  9. This is in the wrong section. The correct section is here:Non airsoft items(For Sale/purchase) I'll report this so a mod can move it. Also, the rules state that you can't ask for a freebie. You have to offer to pay. Someone might give you a free one, we have lots of nice guys here. On topic, I had a tank, but I got rid of it. I think I threw it away :p
  10. What can I say? Amen, brother!
  11. BTTT Its only free guys, Who doesn't want free stuff?
  12. Uhh... This is the place where you give stuff away FREE, not trade for items.
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