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  1. Gentlemen, I am looking to make a loadout that is based on some sort of private military company. I want it to work for civilian type loadouts where the clothes look civilian like but I want it all in OD. Boots too. Let me know some ideas.
  2. Bump. Gun and mags are off the market for now. Pistol is still for sale. $50 shipped.
  3. Mags $150 shipped. $170 for gun still. $40 for pistol. Guys I just want a M4 GBBR. That is all I want.
  4. I will not cannot go any lower than this.
  5. Mags now $150 shipped. $170 for gun still. $50 for pistol.
  6. Eh... not really looking for a M14. Thanks for the offer.
  7. Mags now $170 shipped. $180 for gun still. $50 for pistol.
  8. Thinking of parting out mags... $180 for gun with one mag. $180 for 5 mags. 4 non leaking 1 leaking. $50 for pistol.
  9. Bump... Need money to buy tickets for Skrillex concert in October...
  10. Over 1,300 views and not a single offer. That is quite sad...
  11. Everything is packaged up. I want to get it all gone by October. $400 shipped for the entire thing.
  12. Really? This many days and not a single offer on the gun? I would like to sell both as a pair or trade both for a new, to me, GBBR M4/M16 with a couple mags.
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