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  1. I assume the discount doesn't stack ontop of the 5% from having an account with ehobby?
  2. Link Here What you think about it guys? I need to place an order in with UNcompany for a small $5 WA part, and this caught my eye. Is it worth it? Has anyone bought any army force kits before and can attest to quality? Also, do you think this is something easy to resell for profit if I don't like it? Thanks.
  3. American Express offers purchase protection. For those who don't know: "Just use your Card and Purchase Protection1 can protect eligible purchases against accidental damage or theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase." They are relatively lenient and really do cover accidental damage. My question is, do you think this can apply for airsoft guns? Has anyone used purchase protection successfully for airsoft items in general? Also would this apply to "Mystery Boxes". I've done it on electronics, but never airsoft. Do you think american express's extended return policy would work for mystery boxes? For those who don't know: "90 Days of Protection - If you try to return an eligible item purchased in the U.S. within 90 days from the date of purchase and the merchant won't take it back, American Express® can refund the purchase price. " I don't know if this applies since most sites explicitly state no returns.
  4. I acquired a prokiller mark II and discovered the barrel nut was broken. They have it at ehobby here. Is there anywhere else I can get it? Also, the selector is finicky. What could be the cause of it not switching modes? Finally, is there any review on the gun? I want to know if its worth keeping. Thanks.
  5. woah......that seems interesting. It would definitely be worth it if the z trigger clone is half decent. Also, you can't really go wrong with top down hopup arm unless it is so off that its crooked. Is that an antiblow by ring I see too? Also, does having 2 orings really help?
  6. OMG...I am in love. The stock cutout looks amazing. I love the elegant lines. Its a very simple look too. Im inspired to copy it. Sorry, lol.
  7. Sold my TM vsr 10 to someone and he says that it is 100fps below the spring rated fps. I thought I fixed the problem after replacing a very worn down piston. He took it to ASGI, and they said the cylinder sits too far back causing incomplete seal between bucking and nozzle. They said that its the laylax zero trigger's fault since it was too loose and needs replacing. The black sear is the only piece that prevents the cylinder from moving forward. if this is loose, wouldn't it be able to wobble both ways? Also, I remember the handle seem to fit fine. If the cylinder is too far back, wouldn't handle not be able to close? Does any of this make sense? If someone had this issue before let me know.
  8. 1. JG 2. JG (basically stock) 3. I only did lube by oring. Do I need lube for the hole cylinder? Isn't that bad for accuracy? 4. Nope, but I don't think the sears are the issue since it fires fine when I had a Teflon cylinder. 5. Stock spring 6. Yes I don't see any fractures on trigger mech.
  9. Bar 10 slam fires with my original cylinder. This never occurred with my teflon one. It only slam fires when I push forward. Only occurs when I have to push forward really hard to restore piston. Does to much friction cause slam firing when your forward pushing? How do I fix this? Also, it seems harder to :censored2: AFTER I polished my cylinder.
  10. Same problem, please let me know when your inbox is cleared
  11. Always liked the Army glock color schemes. Applied to to my basically stock ksc g18c. Sadly previous owner sanded the trademarks off. Here it is after clear coat.
  12. Actually, that would be a great competitive advantage although you can't sustain it long (because other businesses can imitate). If your store becomes the "cheapest shipping" online airsoft store. This would mostly attract customers who needs small parts/small purchases. I'm not sure how this affects your margins though. Furthermore, you'd need a more effective checkout system that could optimize for the lowest priced shipping.
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