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    G&G Combat Machine M4 UTG L96 UK Arms L96 Classic Army M41 SAR Offizier Double Eagle Shotgun KWA M9 Tactical PTP WE 1911 (Ivory Grips) Tactical Gear: Own setup vest (with condor pouches), OE Tech Vest, ACU Uniform, Holsters, Italian SWAT Boots, Salem Full Face Mask, etc.
  1. It's been a while since I've been on, school and work have been keeping me busy, but I searched for Airsoft places around Greenville, and all the links seem to be down and the topics are dated to 2+ years, so I have no idea if the places exist here anymore. Any advice would be helpful, I am looking to have my airsoft stuff sent over from home in my next shipment (Summer of '13), I also plan to be getting an SUV in the near future so I can haul my stuff and a couple people from the area. P.S. I will be more active starting now in the forums again.
  2. are you using some of the gear from ROTC?
  3. I just use a more powerful gas, propane in the winter and it has the same performance as green gas in spring time, we don't get much snow, it comes in late december, early january time. I sometimes switch out jeans for north face or jack wolfskin pants.
  4. Here is my loadout for cold weather games, kit list is at the bottom after the pics. I enjoy playing in this, it's not based off of anything except my imagination. Vest: Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier Condor M4 Triple Mag Pouch Condor Pistol Triple Mag Pouch Condor Roll-Up Dump Pouch Condor Admin Pouch Condor Condor Universal Pistol Holster Condor EMT Pouch Condor Radio Pouch Condor Gadget Pouch Condor Hydration Carrier Jacket: Gore Tech- Gen III Army Fleece Head: Beanie (Bodybuilding.com Beanie is pictured, but any beanie I would wear) Cactus Hobby's Green Flame Full Face (Salem Army of Two style mask) B&W Shemagh Weapons: Primary: G&G Combat Machine slightly modded with TBB and barrel extension, reflex sight Secondaries: KWA M9 Tactical PTP, and WE Tech 1911 Other: Blackhawk! Serpa drop leg holster Chem Lights T.F. 77 Team Patch American Flag reverse patch Mechanix Gloves Endurance Outdoor Boots Not pictured: Raine ACU Knee pad
  5. militaryuniformsupply.com is having a sale on Tactical Tigerstripe, 15 dollars for the 7 pocket pants, and 10 dollars for the 3 pocket jacket! Tigerstripe Pants Tigerstripe Jacket I ordered the pants since I mostly roll in a tshirt or a long sleeve when I play. enjoy!
  6. pretty awesome, looked like an angry owl to me, haha.
  7. So here is the poll on what you all use on your feet during games and ops. Also if you can explain why.
  8. after some digging I found it, and the Magpul Dynamics DVDs are really good, but they go over different guns, not really CQB or whatnot Army Urban Operations Manuals thread
  9. there are a lot of the Army's and Marine Corps' declassified urban tactics manuals out on the net, not in movie form, but you have to read them, full of info and very good.
  10. my team patches were made by Stadri Emblems, they are great and have good prices.
  11. I would steer away from Rank, that is in the Pics rules, Posting photos with rank isn't allowed in that section unless you have earned it. Flag patches you can definitely wear, I wear US Army and my nameplate from ROTC and have gotten no complaints. If you wear something and someone gets mad about you wearing it, handle the situation respectfully and maturely and come up with an agreement.
  12. You can probably make one out of an old BDU Pocket, Cardboard for some added stability (If you want) and velcro straps. I drew up a VERY basic design you can go with, adjusting as needed to fit the pouch where you want it. Again, I say VERY basic design (Done in about 1 minute haha)
  13. I have a KWA M9 TACTICAL PTP, note the word tactical in the title. This is different from the regular M9 due to the integrated rail system for a laser or light. This rail system will not fit into an M9 BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster. You will have to file down the inside of the holster for it to fit. Note the difference between the M9 PTP and the Tactical M9 PTP.. Regular M9: TACTICAL M9 Just a word of warning for owners of the KWA M9 Tactical PTP if you plan on buying a Serpa Holster. I have mine filed down using a dremel and extension thin enough to fit all the way in and it works like a charm.
  14. Add a Carabiner!!! Carabiners are kickass!
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