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  1. The three big names either went Secret which is essentially Group suicide or got removed (Aisoft Swap Meet). A few mid 5k member groups also went down. Even Devud Rye's 15k+ member group went Secret after all their Sale posts got nuked. At this point we have a bunch of specialty groups and a whole lot of wannabe groups but nothing really unified as before. I'm teaming up with Max T from the Airsoft Forum & Marketplace admin to help rebuild a new and hopefully better group experience than last time.
  2. Hey all, I am working with some guys to recreate the airsoft groups we lost. We are hoping to fill in the void that so many groups have left us with. We are already over 1,300 members. Hoping for 5,000 by end of this week. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheAirsoftCommunity/
  3. WTS/T VFC SR16 URX II (Full trademarked/ambi) Upgraded with... Gate MOSFET Steel TBB 6.03 presumably Madbull? blue bucking Gearbox has some nice stuff, dunno didn't check, I don't do AEG teching anymore... 420fps almost no variance, easily 200' range on .28s or above Shortdot included (no I will not part it by itself) -$400 shipped OBO VFC HK416 "CQB" -Upgrades, uhhhh different piston that's clear-ish blue...? lol -Full auto seems iffy... $300 shipped OBO ONLY TRADE IS KWA LM4 PTR w/ mags <----ONLY TRADE
  4. Got a bit of a piece here, a GHK AKM GBBR, it has 7 mags, shoots great, and supposedly has a real Romanian wood handguard. Really wanting the following, TRADES: VFC MK17 FDE VFC 416 AEG/GBBR (must be fully decked) WE/GHK M4 GBBR WE MSK WE M14 EBR Crye MultiCam AVS/CPC in medium/small If it's not on the lost it's unlikely I want it
  5. parting painted Madbull Noveske externals for $120 shipped
  6. WTS(Testing waters on mod1) Mod1 upgrades: SHS 13:1 (SS'd 2 teeth) ZCI Full steel rack piston (SS'd 2 teeth) ZCI Piston head SHS Cylinder head SHS Air nozzle SHS Cylinder SHS/ZCI Ball-bearing spring guide G&P Shims Lonex A2 motor G&P Hop-up flat-hopped/polished barrel deans MagPul ASAP/MOE Stock Tangodown style vert/pistol grip KAC BUIS $650 shipped ================================================== ====================================== G&P/Noveske mk18 mod0 base gun G&P internals Madbull Noveske externals Shoots ~400fps NO KAC QD Can included!!! $225 shipped OBO Trades: G&P M4 Block II KWA MP7 Solidfox CPC in MC EOTech 553 in FDE SpecterDR 1x-4x ACOG 4x32 VFC HK416 M14 EBR(EBR only) TM Glock 19/17 w/ mags
  7. ...Read the last bump dude...
  8. Price drop to $275 shipped $240 shipped without optic (WILL NOT SELL OPTIC ALONE) $225 shipped without grips/optics/rail covers
  9. pics added to please the admin's eyes
  10. I need cash for Christmas! Gun is stock besides a Matrix 3000 motor+SHS Selector plate, obviously has been painted(great base for a snakeskin job). Works great. Wired to deans. Bought as a fix'er upper, all it needed was wiring redone. Includes: G&P M4A1 Block II AimPoint T1 Micro (repro) w/ cover TangoDown style rail covers Larue handstop TangoDown style vert. grip BUIS Asking $275 shipped OBO CHECK LAST BUMP FOR UPDATES
  11. I'd offer a G&P MagPul lower (black) as a straight trade if you'd be interested- Or a painted G&P lower+$40.
  12. If that. You've no idea how many times I see people suggest they "call the cops" and as far as I can tell, nothing ever happened. At most the threat caused the kids to ship.
  13. I'd be quite interested in the externals (body, BUIS, and front-end)...
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