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  1. About $400 or so. I saw all of the upgrades for BAR-10's, but they just look SO boring!
  2. Hey guys, I'm just moving back to Savannah, Ga. and I remember a few years back, there was a group of guys who got together and played in a field in town. I was wondering if that field is still going or if there's a new one somewhere close?
  3. Hey guys, I'm just getting into sniping. I have always used AEG's, but never got into Sniping until just recently. The group of guys that I play with like to make odd and/or "different" optional positions. Our most recent idea was a Long-Range Sniper. Remove the field's FPS Cap and allow a rifle with 500-600+ FPS to snipe, but with a distance restriction. SO, what I need to know if what's the best platform or base-gun to choose and upgrade to said FPS? I'm looking for something that will reach crazy distances and maintain some level of accuracy, while looking cool as well. I was looking at the Snow Wolf M99, but I'm not sure of what's compatible with it. I was also looking at the Snow Wolf M82, which is an AEG, but I don't know how to install a MOSFET to allow for a hgh-FPS gearbox. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Cody
  4. Title pretty much says it all. I'm on the hunt for a Marushin M1887. PM me if you have one! Thanks, Cody
  5. Alright, so I think that I've just about got this figured out. I just need to know what Shimming means and what type of Wiring Upgrades need to be made?
  6. I'm listening, but getting REALLY confused with mixed messages and people speaking as if I've worked on gearboxes before. Can anyone give me a straight up, simple answer? So, I need the M120, spring guide, bushings, and gears? What kind of gears? All that I can find are High-Speed or High Torque. I've also seen Standard Torque, is that what I need?
  7. Alright, people. In my Cart over at Evike, I have a Systema M120 Spring, Gaurder Steel Bushings, Prometheus High Speed Gearset, Bravo Anti-Reverse Latch, and ASG Steel Spring Guide. What else do I need?
  8. This P90 already has a longer, tightbore barrel hidden in a suppressor. My budget is about $250-$300.
  9. You guys are speaking a foreign language to me, haha! I was looking for 400+ FPS. As I've said, I've never opened up a Gearbox, so I don't know anything about gears, bearings, springs, etc. Are there any full gearbox replacements that will give me what I'm looking for?
  10. Well, I have nothing to go off of other than YouTube Reviews and the little Customer Reviews on Retail Sites. What would be your recommendation then?
  11. Hey guys, I just recently got back in the hobby and after failing to sell my TM P90, I decided to keep it and just upgrade it! However, I'm new to internals other than breaking the weapon down, changing inner barrels, and battery work. I was wondering, with my skill set, what you guys would recommend to do so that my P90 is an Outdoor Naildriver?! I want some serious Reliability, FPS, and ROF out of this thing! At the same time, I'd prefer not to let the Performance Upgrades alter the exterior of the weapon other than maybe the stock extension for a larger battery. I've been looking into all new Gearboxes and motors for it, but I'm not sure what's compatible. Also, seeing as I've never opened up a Gearbox, would you guys recommend me sending it to someone to work on? If so, then who's a reliable, yet affordable person/business to send it to? Thanks, Cody
  12. Thanks for all of the input guys! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with AGM? Their 416 is REALLY affordable, all-metal, and I've heard nothing but good things about them. I could always add a tightbore and maybe some hop-up work, but just wanna hear your opinions. As far as the P90 goes, there is alot of potential there, but I'm just not a fan like I used to be. I'm big on Armalite/Colt/HK now.
  13. All that I have left is a TM P90 and ICS M203 that I'm trying to sell. I havent really looked into G&P much. Are their guns reliable? The main thing that I'm looking for is a durable/reliable M4/M16/HK416. With a metal body, I HATE plastic bodies!
  14. Hey guys! I was once heavily involved in airsoft and frequented this site on a daily basis. However, times got tough and I had to sell out and leave the hobby behind. Now that things are a bit better in my personal life, I'm ready to join back in! I'm looking to sell the remainders of my arsenal, but that's for another thread, once I get my Post Count high enough to sell again. ANYWAY, I was looking for recommendations for new Field Rifle AEG's. I used to own a Classic Army M15A4 and it was my baby. However, it's been years since I've bought a gun, so things have changed, I'm sure. So, what's a good M416 or M4 platform that has that rugged durability, high power, and quality manufacturing and is ready to go, right out of the box? I've been looking at VFC's HK416, but it's a little pricey. Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks, Cody
  15. Hey guys, I've had an ICS M203 laying around for a while now and don't have a rifle to attach it to. I'm looking for a Standalone Platform for it! Shoot me info on anything that you may have! Thanks, Cody
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