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  1. Its been a while since I've worked on any of my airsoft guns and I wanted to get back into it. I currently own a we 4.3 hi capa and I'm looking for a bit more kick out of it. I have seen some upgrade kits on evike and a few other websites and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions on which brands to trust. Thanks
  2. Goodbye airsoft we'll miss you. Hopefully it wont be that bad.
  3. Overall great idea. Seems like it would work but. just before you go and build a working prototype I would go down to the police station just so you don't get busted for having a "firearm" *cough*. Good luck keep us posted.
  4. I agree with falcon any 1911/hi capa variant would be a great choice. First of all their reliability and absolute abundence of parts. Not to mention nearly every manufacture has their own upgrade parts and kits avaliable. Have fun
  5. Yeah you will Just a note the s system doesnt have that much rail space. About 2 in on the sides and 4 on the bottom. Just something to consider. Also the rail system makes the gun very front heavy I should know I have one and it gets annoying.
  6. They also make silent piston heads to dampen the "pow". Although I have no experience with them.
  7. If you want to get a spring gun a tsd tri shot shotgun or a tm would be fine. By the way "which gun" topics are banned.
  8. Have to agree ordered 2 guns and several parts from them. No problem airsplats fine.
  9. My first aeg was a s-system from a&k. Now the one I got had a plastic body but im pretty sure they make a metal one. If you want to Really want to get into the relism a gas m4 would also simulate recoil. (so far my s-system has over 10,000 rounds without a misfunction) I'm sure g&g or some other company makes a better m4 but of course it will cost more. P.S. Watch out for sales you can save some major cash.
  10. If you have some money to spend you could always use some grenades and shove them down their (use grenades don't do what I told you to do:)
  11. Wasi11

    Light up BBs

    But of course you would need some type of illumination unit. I.e. Silencer, hop up, special magazines.
  12. If you want a gbbr I completly forgot about the new kjw .22 rifle coming out soon. Of course that would have to be strictly field. Just another option.
  13. I would suggest the hi capa, I although have the we version. I have to say the tm is going to be a work in progress due to the fact it was not designed for the higher pressure gas we have here in the u.s. I will suggest the kwa just because of the better gas system and its full metal. (not to mention origional.) By the way I think "which gun" threads are banned here
  14. Does it have to be a gbbr? At that starting point I think that you may be better of with one of kwa's sub machines. We have still to learn about the upcoming kriss and even their mac 11's not bad for your price point. .02
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