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  1. Honestly Save for the G&P or KWA. Unless you have high hopes to immediately upgrade these other brands I think you will be massively disappointed. If you are absolutely without question getting one of these and you can't wait, I would suggest the CYMA.
  2. The UAR is trash in my opinion. Terrible quality internals and very poor externals. The upside is that it is unique. I may bejumping the gun here but it seems like at this point you're not super interested in upgrading your weapon. I may be wrong but if you want a decent platform you can start with something like the KWA CQR. Before I get bashed for suggesting this because of it's "proprietary" internals, I will say that this is an above average out of the box AEG that can handle a beatin. This of course is oriented towards the just go out and play. The KWA Commando is a slightly better version of the CQR offering a full metal body, and rear wiring to the crane stock, but the same very very good out of the box internals. If you dislike these I can suggest others for you.
  3. In terms of pistol lights I generally prefer the Surefire x300 replicas, or even the hard to find TRL-1 replicas that are availble at places like airsoftpeak.com and shootercbgear.com.
  4. Crane stock for looks and full stock for the sheer amount of battery you can store.... Crane stocks are also awesome for battery storage if you're running split cell lipos, but lemme tell ya theres nothing like putting a 5500 mAh 11.1v in the full stock and blasting all day....
  5. Nicely done. Light weight I would guess. And if you're still debating about the action army mag, mine works extremely well. Same output and consistency as my 2 expensive tanaka mags. As for the pistol grip it looks like it might be at slightly the wrong angle. How is it secured to the the body? Is it just screwed straight in?
  6. IMO the kjw will be a much better pistol. Although an option that has escaped your attention is the Tokyo marui high capa. It is cheaper than the zombie killer you linked is is widely regarded as the most upgradable pistol platform on the market. Furthermore as a TM it will perform very well and the efficiency will be better than either of the linked options. Evike currently has both the high capa 4.3 and high capa 5.1 available.
  7. The other thing that may be going on is the difference between the tooth thickness of the replacement gear and the gear that came out of the gun originally. Fastest test would be to make sure that, without a spring, the gears will completely cycle and release the last tooth. I wouldn't suggest that you hook the motor up for this. All you have to do is install everything like normal just minus your spring, and simply turn the gears by hand making the piston retract. Once retracted completely see if the piston will release forward by hand. The anti-reversal will help to make sure that ever thing is clearing properly by not allowing the gears to rotate. I have only seen this a few times but there might be just enough difference that the piston will not release.
  8. I may not be all that old, but damn this seems just like me... ha ha
  9. Human is what we all are. Hindsight is always 20-20. All said and done you did the right thing here though. I dunno that there is anything that I would have done differently. In fact you did extremely well to cover your
  10. I was never trying to be offensive just offering an outside perspective on the situation as it develops. I do think that your response here is warranted seeing as defending yourself is a natural response to being slandered/attacked/berated. The way in which you approach your written account is spot on in my opinion, but it is a bit text heavy and repetitive. I think a lot of this argument stems from the old rock and a hard place phrase. This is airsoft and god forbid a part was actually "drop in" or indestructible. Things happen constantly, including the breakage of brand new parts. I think where everything gets really weak here is the fact that somehow all of these issues are occurring pretty much right after they were returned to Dru after he put you up against it with a hard deadline. There are 2 ways to think about this: 1) No offense, but maybe the work wasn't up to par. This is unfortunately a realistic possibility, however even here vanevery has a small benefit because of the rushed timeline. Either way though as the tech you should have fought quite a bit harder to keep Dru from pushing you to the point where some mistakes could have been made. Although Dru may not have been pleased that only 1-2 of the 3 guns were finished it would have guaranteed you the time you needed to fully correct all issues. This is one of the hardest things as a tech. Often customers have unrealistic expectations for upgrades and builds. I find that it is extremely important that you put your foot down when accepting the item. You made it clear that it would be hard to get it all done, but be sure that you have plenty of time for yourself and establish a longer timeline that you think you need. You must stick to our guns here! This then can lead to an added benefit of completion early which will make your customers even happier. Never forget that if these upgrades could be done by them they wouldn't be coming to you. 2) Dru damaged the guns post return. Because of the nature of this exchange we can't know what he did or how he treated his weapons. Furthermore all warranty service I provide is nullified if the weapon is altered post leaving my hand. (Of course things like changing the hop up and such don't matter, but I am referring to things like barrel group changes and internals.) Simply put we will never ever know exactly how this went down. I think you have so far handled this rather well. I understand no wanting to put the cart in front of the horse in terms of evidence, but if this should come to any major head, it good to know you have those things in your pocket. I do side with you here on this I am just trying to provide a bit of level headed objectivity. Sometimes in light of being attacked we forget there might have been a few things both parties erred on. In this case you seem to be mostly on the right though. Even if the work was a tad bit shoddy the timeline was changed and you trying to do the right thing and help him out. You did the best you could under the circumstance, and frankly I applaud you. Do your best to remain professional and best of luck!
  11. Ash32mds. He is french but the gameplay and video quality is awesome. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4UVihhx4r1oJwBiv4ct6Iw
  12. Interesting.... This nation is built on the premise that we can believe what we wish, and as a result as justified by our government the kid has every right to believe on the basis of religious teachings alone. Noth that this is wrong but I think that critical thinking is a skill this nation has largely forgotten how to teach. <AT> TacticalAK47 (take this as an observation not a personal attack, for it is not meant as such) you are receiving flak not based on your beliefs as much as your inability to see outside of what has been told to you. This inherently makes you look less intelligent. The ability to test your beliefs against other common thoughts and directly deduce an opinion is what has gone suspiciously missing in your case. Many of the members of this forum are forward thinkers and are constantly testing what they know versus a new hypothesis, idea, way of thinking, ect... What you have essentially displayed here for everyone is that it is because it is. Think of it like asking a child why. The stereotypical answer is because. Your answer is essentially as such. In you case gay marriage shouldn't be allowed because the bible told you so. You have formed no direct reasoning within your belief system (as stated from the thread above) beyond because someone told you so. In this case if God told you to walk off a cliff or shoot yourself in the face, would you? Back to the issue... I'm curious if anyone can come up with a non-religious based reason to deny this right. If so I would loved to be enlightened.
  13. +1 to both of you guys. Another tidbit on the converse of kids shooting a burst of covering fire and then ducking down. Many new players who are a bit gung-ho will step completely out from cover to throw their plastic. Although the covering fire itself may be beneficial to the asset moving, often they do not realize that they are completely vulnerable themselves. Cover fire is only beneficial if you are alive to provide it. Also in general cover fire is often too non-specific. Being clear about where or whom you want your coverer to fire at is something that goes forgotten. Non-specific fire is useless, specifically in open areas where enemies are at a variety of angles. Although we have just 1 dedicated field out here everywhere we play in generally wide open. If you pop up and shoot blindly at whatever you see the chance of directly suppressing the enemy falls heavily. Needless to say there is a decent chance that you will be shot out from an unsuspected angle as stated above. This is not to say spray and pray isn't a legitimate tactic, but frequently cover fire is too non-specific. Its the little things that will make your movements more successful. Someone who has you pinned is much more likely to hit you than someone who has to adjust to your position and your movement both.
  14. I know its nominal, and in the face of slander people change, but the amount of effort put into the typing alone says a bit about you to me at least. Unfortunately there is little to no evidence one way or another here. You typing out a timeline and all doesnt necessarily get you off the hook. Actual conversations, messages, records, and proofs are still missing. Text on a forum doesn't prove much at all. I am not calling you out. In fact I totally side with you in many ways having experience with similar customers. For example the whole just make it shoot better and later complaints was so similar to what I experienced I actually felt pissed like it was happening again lol... The endless explaining and wasted time and ugh... anyways. From an outside view there is not a lot of fact checking going on. I worry about these sorts of things because I unfortunately got myself into a kind of role fixing guns for those in my community as cheaply as possible. The complete lack of actual shops in my neck of the woods results in a broken aeg often never getting repaired and we lose the player do to something as simple as a fuse or stripped piston. I do what I can for these people/kids/comrades because if someone would have done it for me I would have been eternally grateful. On a few occasions this has totally backfired though.... Due to the nature of you situation, a lot of this could just be made up. How are we supposed to go and prove that all of these things actually happened. As an experienced member of this forum you are also entitled to a certain amount of sway over someone just coming online. Thus this posting would likely heavily sway in your favor. Do I believe you. Yes I think much of what you said is likely true and the effort to details each happening tells me that you a likely a very competent individual. But in short I don't know what you want us to say or do about your situation, other than bash this other guy into submission or ban you... Its really between you two. This public name calling is a pitiful effort to get back at you, and it sounds like this isn't your first time around the block. Those who are loyal to your work can vouch and you can continue to do stand up work. He may not leave you alone, but then it still remains up to you to deal with your customer and contract. Either way man I really really hope it turns out for you. I almost quit airsoft totally a few times because of some really horrible situations in which I was made to be the bad guy when others had thrown me under the bus for trying to help. In reality just remember why you play and enjoy the sport.
  15. Although I don't really know all that much about the rest of your system (brand, gearbox, bushing/bearings, piston, ect...) the lonex A2 should get you somewhere near that. I assume you are going for the unspaced set up and such? Typically the lonex motors will give anywhere from 50-60 on the 20:1 set. This is obviously highly dependent on your shimming capabilities and other things like pinion mesh. Giving us a full run down will really help us to better answer your questions. Before you jump into the new gear set and motor and such I would suggest doing some research here and on ASM as to what specifically you are looking for performance wise. 55 rps is very reasonable for a DSG and it may be that you end up deciding you want something faster or a lightning fast trigger response via a Frankentorque or higher TPA based motor.
  16. Man don't let it bug you. I don't consider myself a professional or even a "great" tech, but I have the most know how and such for my community. I had a customer that I literally had sit an watch me build his gun so he would stop ... Any of these emails that you feel are privy to this conversation you should screen shot them and blur and sensitive info out. These are proof of the contract. You do not need a signature if he was aware of your terms and conditions and sent you his weaponry.
  17. Well the point being here that a polarstar takes a few clicks and an allen key twist to become "dangerous." This boils down to a cheaters going to cheat... simple as that. There is ways to fix these issues via limits, but the limits must be regardless of AEG and polarstar. ROF and Joules are where these limits are enforced. If people are changing setting on their polarstars after then the rest is obvious. I think the qualm here comes from the fact that polarstars are simply clicks and a nob turn away. In essence I can do the same thing to an AEG at the field, but it is obviously an intensive issue to do so. Joule Creep exists... Fix by chronoing guns as they are to be fielded. Done, end, fin', ect... If people change their BBs, they are again cheating. If they change ammo you need to chrono again. Simplistic way to fix all this is require a universal ammo sold at the field. This blows but if yall really care that much this is an option. Polarstars being a better system is true in a lot of ways but a perfectly tuned AEG can achieve all of the things that a polarstars does a bit more... "natively". Much of the "performance increase" comes from voluming and consistent airflow provided by the HPA system. Most untuned or stock aegs give you an almost arbitrary (This assumes to much but I will leave it be for now. Im sure this could be a whole major discussion by itself.) voluming and therefore may lack the efficiency of a well volumed compression set.
  18. Sweet... I'll buy that all day. Assuming they make it to the US.
  19. GBB... Its damn fun to shoot kids with highcaps...
  20. They will both serve you fairly well, but I do know that some of the internals, namely the hop-up in the Masada can be iffy and only has one decent replacement option. There are reasons people chose M4s. They serve well, most anyone can use it, and they are very very versatile. The G&P is awesome. Had one, and many others. They upgrade very well, come with very good externals, and are widely compatible with external upgrades. The Masada is only slightly inferior internally, but for the $11 you save up front, you will lose in upgrading the internals. It is extremely good looking though. The foling stock to me is a minus, as those mechanisms can break and firing the rifle in that position is generally ineffective (IMO). If it were me I would go with the Masada, though I would gut both and upgrade either. I have many M4s already as well. My advice to you would be to go with the M4. Go with the old stand by to start. It will rock and roll out of the box and then down the line go with something like the Masada.
  21. vxcheese you can keep the double eagle as a dust magnet if you want, but it just isnt what you want to show to your dad to give him an idea of what this sport is all about. Go to HSP, rent a gun, play for a day, and save your money for something like Lefse mentioned. Frankly even a JG is a better buy than that gun. It is what we call an LPEG (Low Power Electric Gun) that will be more trouble than it is worth.
  22. Good tips here. The shapeways page is incredible. I have been looking for a conversion for awhile and seems that I never found this despite it all. That stupid safety sucks hard. I just never even bother with it anymore.
  23. Very Very heavy. The gun itself, well I guess it'll shoot when you get it, but it may not be the ultimate sniper or DMR. They are good platforms but they are plagued by parts failures, in both the nozzle and the connector arm (correct me anyone I can't remember for sure.)
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