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  1. Thin wiring probably won't affect longevity but it does dramatically lower performance.
  2. I read numerous threads and I heard of people actually just bypassing the whole re-threading thing.
  3. I bought my body used and I am not sure if it has been re-threaded. From what I heard the thread pitch is so close that it can just break in. Do you think blue loctite would help with the bolts?
  4. Okay, I prematurely thought the wobbling plate was a problem. Once you tighten the bolts , there's not wobble. But the G&P receivers are a bit more slim so the the rail twist side to side with enough toruqe. Also where are the small plastic washers suppose to go?
  5. I just went to install the rail today and what a huge disappointment. The rail and the body is not compatible. The threads on my G&P body is correct with the barrel nut. But the plate in which the rail screws on to wobbles because the barrel nut is actually not long enough to push it down onto the receiver. From what it seems , the threads on the G&P extend out further than my other metal bodies. You think Madbull would supply some shims to better adjust the bolt up system. I tried a different outer barrel and it helped a bit because the collar on it is thinner. Anyone got suggestions ?
  6. Looking for 9" or longer free float rail. ACM or not , it needs to have some trademarks.
  7. Yeah, getting it in the states is impossible. Trades however do get covered by marker, how do people get them off? Alcohol or nail polish remover? Also I been looking at the 5ku urx 2, any opinions? The king arms larue might be discontinued as the link you gave me only has it in stock. Also every website that haVe it out of stock had no trademarks, so I guess everyone is covering it up or it's coming from the factory like that.
  8. Do you guys know any rails with correct trademarks? All the madbull ones have incorrect trademarks. And the King Arms and G&P are mostly over $150. I have been looking at the ACM Larue,Noveske, URX and Daniel Defense as they have the correct trademarks. Does anyone have experiences with these or know where to get them in the states?
  9. I really want this stuff, sold. Again, I am open to all offers.
  10. I have Tomb Raider 2013 (Steam) and Bioshock Infinite (Steam) for sale. Tomb raider 2013 is $28 and Bioshock Infinite is $35. Both retails for $60. I will bundle both for $60.
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