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  1. Hey all I have a budget of about $380 for a new gun. I had a KWA km4 2gx and I did not like it at all. The hop up was garbage and constalntly had problems. Not to mention all of the proprietary parts. I am looking for an m4 that has good externals but GREAT internals. I am not afraid to do a bit of upgrading but I would prefer to have a stock one perform well for a little while. What would the best m4 be?
  2. so are you saying I shouldnt get the TM and that they arent good quality? Nd LCTs are too much money for my liking
  3. Which one of these guns would be a better investment? I have heard that TMs are the best and perform amazing out of the box and last for ages with the factory set up. Some people are tunred off by the 280 fps but that doesnt mean much since the gun has nice range and accuracy, right? Anyway, im looking for the best ak variant on the market now
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