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  1. Dude, you bumped ANOTHER multi-year old thread- mods already told you not to once. Try to PM the seller before bumping ancient threads :)
  2. Read the seller rules, gotta have a pic with your name in it.
  3. Your paper-with-name proof pic has to have the items WITH the paper.
  4. Are you shipping from the US or overseas? I'm interested :)
  5. Read the rules, gotta have your username and the date in the pictures.
  6. Read the F/S rules, you gotta have a pic of the item with your forum username and date in it or the mods will close your post.
  7. You gotta have a pic with your forum name with the for sale items.
  8. Seller has had funds for approximately 2 weeks and has virtually stopped responding to my PM's. By posting here I am hoping to get his attention. I am not claiming scam but it has been 4 days since I have received a PM from him.
  9. Is this the metal slide or plastic slide version?
  10. Yeah, sorbos and other bumpers will help, but all of that is really for mechbox longevity, not sound dampening. I think there is an article on airsoftmechanics that goes over actual recorded sound levels with and without a silent piston head. Also, you'll see that you CAN get a sorbo for a silent piston head, but it's pretty small compared to other ones- the tapered head makes it difficult to properly fit a full size sorbo in there, so you end up with a bit of a challenge to get it right.
  11. Yes I just ran out of those, one guy made a large order and they were gone I do have some more coming back in stock tomorrow or the next day. I've been busy filling a massive order for Clandestine airsoft and my personal stock has run low. You may be able to get some from him in the meantime (www.clandestineairsoft.com).
  12. Another bump to say yes I'm still going strong. A few pads are out of stock right now but I'll be restocking them soon. If you have a specific type you want PM me and I'll restock those first. Also, check the first post in this thread for a coupon code, and note that it is CASE SENSITIVE so make sure you type it correctly ;)
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