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  1. I was wanting to know if I could add anything to make the gun shoot a little farther, I can hit about 180 feet accurately, 200 is 60/40. I am open to all suggestions, thinking about turning this into a DMR type gun and am willing to spend the money.
  2. My bad didn't mean for t to sound like that. Most of our OP's down here have a 550-600 limit. Thanks for the help!
  3. Airsoft GI G700 A&K SVD TSD SD97 Go!
  4. Bolt pull should't be that much of an issue, but I will look into that. I saw you can use AEG springs and tightbores in this, is that true? Sorry, so nooby when it comes to sniper rifles, unless I am using an already upgraded one.
  5. Title says it all. Trying to get back into airsoft, and I figured why not start up with my one my favorites, even though she isn't my pride and joy, my SVD. Open to all suggestions.
  6. Fine. What gun would be the best performer for CQB? It was really a either or question..
  7. I am looking for a friend. His gun recently broke and the most he WILL spend is 400$.. He sent me a list 1-9 of his favorites, here they are: 1 Visit My Website - classic army $400 2 Visit My Website - G&G $320 3 Visit My Website - G&P $250 -- might put rails. 4 Visit My Website - G4 $189 -- will get new motor. 5 Visit My Website - KWA $395 -- new motor, with smaller spring 6 Visit My Website - King Arms 7 Visit My Website - King Arms 8 Visit My Website - VFC 9 Visit My Website - TSD So, which gun has the best performance and can work well in CQB/Woodland? Thanks.
  8. It should be here in the next couple of days, but I ran out of Gas last Sunday at a war and my propane adaptor is shot :(.. So I would have to wait a while.. Probably a good 2 or 3 weeks.. I might be able to drive down to AEX to see if they have some though.
  9. Just placed my order on ehobby for my NEW 1911 Night Warrior!! Oh boy oh boy! I can't wait, thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it!
  10. I'll probably order tonight or tommorrow! Thanks man, sorry I can't come down, just with football and stuff I would rather have is mailed down.. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Yeah thats what I meant.. My bad.. And nah, the Detonics would be way too small.. I have pretty big hands.. The Night Warrior takes standard 1911 mags correct?
  12. Thanks for all the help too man.. I used to own two pistols, but just sold one to a friend (WE M9) for this.. I also have an HFC USP but I absolutley hate it.. Right now I am leaning towards the NightHawk, its just really different and looks BA
  13. Perfect. That is what I wanted to hear. Thanks man!!! Now I just have to decide which pistol I like better :( 1911 NightHawk, High Capa, or the sexy old 1911A1.. I will place my order tonight!
  14. I am down in Ramona, so we arnt far at all.. I have actually been wanting to get a new motor also, so I would rather not just try and fix that one. But thanks anyways.. What websites have those motors? Thanks.
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