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  1. Welcome to the Forum mate, hope you find everything you need.
  2. One last thing guys.... Since I will still be getting the KA 16inch barrel, what type of inner barrel should I get. (I.e what size or brand?) Cheers.
  3. Well now I just feel like an idiot...... Granted it is missing a couple of things I want but like you said I can sell the excess parts, and even if I don't it would still come out cheaper. That was a big help, thanks a ton mate. ---- Will post some pics once the ol' girl has been built
  4. Updated First Post with a new list. (if I havnt listed anything then please shout out)
  5. Was looking around airsoft Gi and Found this:- Bravo Complete 8mm Gearbox for M4 Its Front Wired and 8mm, should it fit the magpul Receiver? and also what about the smaller objects such as a charging handle, Safety Switch and the mag release? do they come with the gear box or do I have to buy them separate? because the image I posted of the G&P gearbox in my first post also showed that it came with these things, however I cant seem to find anywhere if they come with the bravo gearbox. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. I believe its made to fit a 1100mAh-9.6V Battery. (correct me if im wrong) I don't have alot of knowledge in the gearbox area, any suggestions for a front-wired that would fit the receiver? When I bought the Receiver it came with a delta ring set, should it still fit? or is there a certain one that is designed for the CASV?
  7. I picked up a Umarex MP7A1 2 months ago for $200 and it is almost at the top of my Favorite GBB's. If you've got the money then I highly recommend it. I have used it in a 2 day op a couple of weeks ago as my building Clearance weapon and it outshone alot of the other boys' m4's.
  8. Well, where to start........ For I while now I have been using a KWA M4 and I have recently decided to upgrade to a new m4. After Scrolling through a few M4 posts and Gallery's I have come to the conclusion that I want to have a crack at building my own M4 AEG. Now I havnt really done this before but I do know how to strip and put back together my KWA, so a bit of instruction would be great aswell. This is what I have so far:- External--Stock:- Magpul PTS CTR Carbine stock- blkReciver:-Magpul PTS AR Metal Receiver Set - blkHand Grip:- G16 Standard Pistol Grip for M4 Series - blkHandguard & Barrel:- King Arms CASV-M Handguard Set, King Arms Aluminum Reinforced Outer Barrel (16Inch) Internal--Gearbox:- Bravo Complete 8mm Gearbox for M4 (still unsure whether or not it comes with mag release, safety switch, etc)Motor:- Systema Motor Long Power Torque MagnumHop-Up:- Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop Up Chamber UnitBattery:- Sanyo 9.6v 1700mah So thats about all I know, there are a few things I know im still missing but thats why I posted here, so that you guys can (hopefully) lend a hand. Thanks in advance Skulls.
  9. Looks like it was fun.I love the Big Op's
  10. Do you mean- only for purchase by members of the Defence Force or Made to Military Spec? If So,No and Yes- you can buy their Goggles and Glasses from alot of Online Stores and yes they are made to a certain Ballistic Standard for the Military They started making goggles for airsoft back in early 2009 but don't have any Sunglasses for airsoft yet. The Site for there Airsoft Gear
  11. Im going to have to say multicam. Ive used it for my entire airsoft life and every environment ive been in its worked wonders Ebaybanned has a imitation set for $80 right now Multicam Replica Pants and Shirt (they are the exact same set I got for my first BDU's). I have recently Upgraded to genuine Crye Gear though for my own reasons. Ive got Marpat as well but I find if im playing in a dry area then the dark Digi patterns can be easily seen.
  12. ESS, have a range of goggles that are specifically made for airsoft but currently no glasses... (I think). I have a pair of Ess Crossbow's that I wear but they came with a safety brochure that said they have not been made for airsoft or paintball. I still use them for the fact that they do the job great. They have taken heaps of shots and still show almost no sign of cracks. But that is just my experience.
  13. Just a suggestion, and im not at all criticizing you or your look but I suggest you grab a shemagh as you seem to have a long neck which throws me off for some reason. Again no doubt some people will think im being a jerk but its something that can help improve your ranger look as well as protect your neck. I have seen some pics of Rangers wearing them over at militaryphotos but they have been lost to the depths of the forum. so this is the best I could do to show you what I mean. The Shemagh is the cloth he is wearing around his neck and tucked down into his BDU's
  14. Love The Jedi Patch. I had the same one a couple of months back but some stole it.
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