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  1. I couldn't find a 552 at either of those sites. Wow these things seem to have just vanished off the face of the earth. I have no idea where to get them now that t-tiger isn't selling anymore. Also the thing that the 552 has going for it is it takes AA batteries instead of unusual batteries. being able to use normally available batteries is a huge boon. Edit: Oh, nevermind finally started to find some at Aliexpress. 552 red dot seems to work well.
  2. I've purchased an ASR now. :)
  3. Looking to buy an Echo1 ASR. Can't take it if it's been upgraded to shoot .20g past 500fps however.
  4. I'm looking for these as fast as I can't find them. If you have these for sale or you know who has them for sale please contact me. :)
  5. Thank you for the pictures. It's definitely much clearer now. Well it was obviously written with poor grammar for comical effect. Not going to get into the second part, though. I know better than to get into that kind of discussion or take those kind of remarks seriously. ;) Perhaps it has. But after spending several hours digging through both versions of this thread I still felt the need to double-check that.
  6. Mind showing a picture of exactly what you mean? Well, guess I'll give it a try. One thing I'd like to ask. Sanding down the nub to make it a flat nub. Is that really worth bothering with? I don't have to glue it into the hop up arm or anything do I? Also, which works better, a chainsaw sharpening bit for a dremel or a round hand file? Though I'm already quite happy with the performance of the KWA. Why for you try and make me question worth of my favorite gun. ;p Well personally I'm using .25s since I'm aiming to shoot 380-400 fps with .20g, and I have a whole box of .25g bioshot bbs left too shoot. Anyway, just to make sure I'm getting this right, you're adjusting it thiner and thiner until the over-hop has just gone away, then you use the adjustment arm to put the hop effect back in as desired, right?
  7. So I've spent the last few hours going through this thread and the one over at airsoftmechanics and I'm wondering, what kind of success rate people new to installing these r-hops are having. (Still kicking myself for missing HS5's IER offer as I /just/ got a new barrel -.-) I've got a G&G 2010 with a madbull 6.01 barrel in it, firing .25g, and I'm wondering if this is something worth trying. (Also have a KWA SR10 with a 6.01 EdGi in it, but I'm a tad afraid to tinker with it.) It sounds simple, if tedious. This whole "even after it looks flush keep fiddling with it" phase worrys me though. I've only got my back yard to test in, I don't know if I could tell the difference.
  8. Yes. This is because the KWA M9 Tactical is actually a replica of an M9A1 pistol which added the rail to the design. Only the Level 3 Blackhawk Serpha holster is designed to hold an M9A1 out of the box. Glad to hear about the filing though. I'd heard it said it works, glad to hear it confirmed. (Whoops, sorry about that, I just noticed the date on this.)
  9. I'll be honest wolf, when I read your first post, physically taking the patches off people was the first thing that I thought of myself. Though to answer the question, "who are they to think that they have the right to wear them?" Well, they most likely think their right to wear the patch came from purchasing said patch, thus making it their property to do with as they wish. Now, I'm not saying you have to like it, or that it's in good taste, or that you shouldn't attempt to persuade them not to wear it, but when you start throwing around the word "right" your getting your message mixed up. Personally, and maybe it's just the area I live in (Norfolk FYI), or the airsoft community in the area, but I've never heard of anyone causing a ruckus over patches, branch tape, or rank patches. Maybe it's just the area or the sheer volume of surplus floating around here, but I've just never heard of it being an issue. Personally I don't wear branch tape or rank tape, not because I'm worried about it, but because it seems in poor taste. (Though I can see how a mil-sim group or team might use rank tape for organization.) I do have a few unit patches, though, which I know would bother some of you in this thread, because well, it's a cheap option to fill in that spot on the BDUs. Let's face it, nearly all of those type patches are going to be unit patches. Now, if that really bothers some of you, I might be willing to say, sell you the patch off my BDU. ;) (And before everyone asks, no, I did not read every single post in here, nor do I plan to. Many I have, but haven't commented on.)
  10. Fun fact about the real deal ESS Profile Turbofans, they've got a 2-year warranty, but only if you buy them direct from ESS, so if yours are starting to get a little iffy after a year like mine are you're SOL. I'm honestly considering these as a possible replacement / part source when my turbofan dies.
  11. I would just point out that not all "red dots" do just simple dots. There's plenty of red dots which do reticules, but still don't have the design of a holosight which results in no parallax.
  12. Stay away from that laser. It adjusts the same way the other matrix visible green laser I got was: You take off the head cap and adjust the laser inside via 3 hex keys. 3 unlabeled finicky hex keys. Avoid that system at all costs.
  13. I think Ares has been coming out with one as well. I looked at them. Definitely very interesting. The thing's practically an M4 with a boxmag on it to begin with. ;p My only complaint, at least with the ares version, is that it's box mag only holds 500 rounds. I saw at Echo1's booth a prototype that looked suspiciously like the stoner lmg in their video with airsoft pacific as well. Edit: Looking at it's entry on G&P's site it'll hold 1200 rounds in the box. That's better than the ares anyway.
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