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  1. I like to just play a general assault with a bit of flanking. My field has CQB and field. So I need a gun that can play both. The field also has a good amount of CQB spots scattered throughout. I like the look of the Scar more, but the Mk18 has more customization options.
  2. So I have around a 500$ budget to buy a new airsoft gun. Currently, I have a JG G36C which I purchased as my first gun this summer. Now I would like something that is more of a 'step-up'. Options: KWA MP7 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5635 VFC MK18 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...oducts_id=11096 VFC SCAR http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/vfc-scar-li...dark-earth.html The MP7 is my most wanted option, but the other two are all also holding my eye a bit. Suggestions?
  3. Hello! I'm planning to accustom my G36C to closer ranges and speed, so I want a sidearm that shoots accurate, hard, and further distance. Choices: KWA MK23 http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_in...roducts_id=8642 KWA TT-33 http://www.Airsoftatlanta.com/Tokarev-KWA-...tol-p/28113.htm TM Desert Eagle http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-des...gbb-pistol.html TM M1911 http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_in...roducts_id=1716
  4. Is this any good as a sidearm? I would think it would be more popular considering the massive popularity for Desert Eagles in general. Is there something I should know before buying?
  5. Hello. I have recently received my first airsoft gun which is a JG G36. After firing about 30 rounds in my gun has stopped firing. I hear a click when pressing the trigger, but nothing firing. No jam visible. Any suggestions? After waiting a few minutes, I fired, it worked, but not working again.
  6. I'm purchasing my first airsoft item today. JG G36. Hope everything goes well.
  7. I expect the inner barrel to be about 2.5 inches shorter. I don't think thats too bad.
  8. Does it matter if your inner barrel is inches shorter than your outer barrel plus extensions? Heres my situation: I can't decide if I want a G36C or MG36. S0 my plan was to buy a MG36 handguard, outer barrel, and flash hider to equip on my G36C when I want to use it. My problem is I am buying a TBB barrel thats the size of my G36C plus a mid size supressor, so it is a good amount shorter than the MG36 plus extensions. I will probably have to buy two inner barrels unless it doesn't matter if the inner barrel is shorter.
  9. The pain isn't really the problem lol. I mean death or other medical problems.
  10. Hello! I am attending my first game soon and was wondering how bad you could get hurt if shot in the neck. Like a 500 FPS shot to the neck, how bad could that situation be?
  11. Thank you! Any idea about a barrel type? And what happened to all the stuff Bunker mentioned? Is it just not useful at this stage for me being a beginner?
  12. Now I'm confused again lol. I just want about 375 FPS, 30 RPS, and above average range and accuracy. Will Bunkers list get me there(minus a new motor since its not needed for only 30 FPS)? And not including accuracy and range, I know about that stuff. Sorry if I keep on asking questions, but even after doing tons of research a lot of this stuff still confuses me. And yea I basically have a ton of money to spend for internal parts do cost isn't a factor.
  13. First of all, thank you guys for all the help. I really appreciate it and would be lost without it. Now, my goals are pretty open. - About 375 FPS - RPS of 30 or more - Accurate and a longer range than most stock AEGs I doubt all of this would be able to be achieved in one gun? So... I should use Bunkers list, but with a new battery, SHS high torque motor, 13:1 gears, and a M120 spring? How accurate would this build be? Or is it mostly RPS based? I'm probably going to buy some hop up stuff. Any ideas? And if I buy a r-hop do I need a new hop up still?
  14. Wow! Thanks. Any opinions on the rest of my upgrades? What do you estimate my FPS, and range to be? That's probably hard to do. EDIT: I will be revising the OP soon with a whole new list. I kind of pulled those parts out of nowhere. Following this guide:http: //www.airsoftforum.com/board/Aeg-Upgrading-Guide-t97249.html I mean the G36 guide in the second post.
  15. Could you explain the second sentence more? It kind of confused me. Sorry, I'm still new to internal parts
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