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  1. I don't want to add to the flame war, but I use metal bbs. Unfortunately, I've not been allowed to shoot them at people yet, but maybe that's for the best. In my P* build, I use an ER-hop and an LRB in conjunction with the .88g bbs. I'm shooting at around 14J with this setup, and I think my longest shot (obviously on the target range) was around 200-210m. I don't have any video, believe it if you want, or don't. To answer the OP, using plastic bbs, an ER-hop and an LRB you can easily achieve distances of 120m or so. Again, no vids or anything, so believe what you want. If you want more information on sniping, I would head over to the sniper forums.
  2. The one I played at was 1J (328 fps).
  3. I would beg to differ on your previous comment: Prometheus makes some extremely nice barrels in the 6.03 bore size. These are pretty much the gold standard right now.
  4. I probably would be interested in just the action/barrel. But then again, I am not most people. :P
  5. Kudos on the build! This looks great! Did you use the kuba designs exactly as he had them, or did you make any other modifications? I didn't see anything in the thread already, but I may have missed it.
  6. The interesting thing is it's not illegal for you to own pieces of it (from what it looks like) so just take it down into a few pieces and you will be fine.
  7. I run my G17 race pistol (with 7 mags at 10 rounds each). Works great.
  8. It's just a normal CASV rail system, I don't remember the manufacturer.
  9. Unless I completely misunderstand what you just said, allow me to correct you (no insult/offense meant, of course). I am the same person who posted the classics. I asked if people would like to see one or two more (when they're finished - still in pieces for cleaning).
  10. Should I throw anther one (or two) in there?
  11. Thank you. :) I actually don't have much to spend on airsoft, just a lot of time spent into gathering nice rifles and even more time earning money to upgrade them.
  12. One more entry, this is my target rifle and my backup field rifle. CA M24 CASV. I can't take credit for the awesome paint job or the CASV mounting (though I did fix a couple of issues with the screws), but I can take credit for a lot of the stuff that is inside. As a more conventional build, I will just list the stuff here. Internals: DBC 6.01x534 mm barrel PDI hop unit with CMI custom arm ER-hop LRB PDI Palsonite HD cylinder set PDI V-trigger PDI 380% spring Laylax Sp120 spring Externals: KA Harris Bipod Leupold Mk 4 3.5-10x40 CASV rails Cost: More money than I care to admit. I run this rifle at about 630 fps for target shooting, and at 330 fps for field stuff. Max range at the bench with the target fps is almost 140m (9/10 shots hit torso target) and max range at field fps is about 95-100m. The ER-hop and LRB were very easy installs on this rifle, and pushed the range by a noticeable amount after installation. With the CMI custom arm as well as the aforementioned mods, I measured an increase in effective range of over 50m. Trigger pull is unfortunately hard, but I can't spring for a Z-trigger yet, I have too many projects in the works.
  13. Next up is my trusty sidearm. This is an MGC G17 Seidler Custom. It was made after Tanio Koba bought MGC, so it comes stock with a twist rifled barrel. This puppy shoots very nicely. The blowback engine is nice and crisp, and the plastic slide makes for a very fast cyclic rate. I have two barrels that I use commonly, one that came stock, the twist rifled barrel, and a barrel onto which I have installed an IER-hop. The sights are adjustable target sights, which allows me to use this pistol anywhere within 200 feet. The twist rifled barrel has no hop at all, so its max range is quite short, only about 50 feet. It will, however, put two bbs in the same hole at that distance. The IER-hopped barrel ranges out to about 190 feet or so, not quite as accurate, but a double tap will get just about anyone out there. It runs at a smooth 275 fps with a .2, and I run .3s for field use. The hop is not adjustable, by the way, it is perfctly filed/tuned to my .3s. I may be stuck with the bbs that I use, but luckily I really like them, so life is good.
  14. I guess I shall go first. This one is pretty new to my arsenal. It has, all the same, performed spectacularly both in bench testing and in the field. It is an Asahi Bushmaster. The max range (confirmed hit) I have measured in the field was approx. 90m with a 3 round burst. Max range on a bench test was about the same, so, as you can see, a very consistent performer. That is why I converted the normal iron sights to a scope mount. I run it at about 300 fps with a .2 because of the joule creep. Even though it chronos at .9J with a .2, when I chrono with a .4 it chronos at almost 2.5J. Internally, it is a stock Asahi Bushmaster, with a Magna Barrel. The Magna barrel operates on the same principle as the Sheriff LRB, and allows the bb to ride the top of the bore to get some backspin. However, because there are eight grooves instead of one, the Magna barrel doesn't need an Anti-Rotation assembly. You might ask, why is this in the build-off if it is stock? Because I have modified it heavily according to booster's guides for the Asahi engine. The engine has been completely re-built, with enlarged air passages for more volume. This got me about a 50 fps increase at minimum operating PSI, and increased the joule creep from adding just under 1J to adding almost 1.6J.
  15. Price drops. CAR-15 - $500 AUG - $300 Bushmaster - $400 G17 - $350 Also, buy today and it ships tomorrow.
  16. The CAR-15 is perfect for all of you who want a P* setup but also want recoil! Just as accurate as most P* setups but with recoil! (I don't like recoil, hence why I am selling it!)
  17. The power comes from the gas boiling explosively/quickly. If red gas boils faster/at lower temperature than green gas, it would propel the bb farther. It all comes down to boiling point.
  18. I just put the sling through the thumbhole for my P90.
  19. I have an AUG A1 if you are interested. Comes with 5 mags, hits humans at 80 meters.
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