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  1. Hello everyone I seem to have a problem with this gbb after a game a while ago. The gun gets stuck on the hammer when cocked, and the only way to disengage it would be to manually pull on the hammer to get it out. Also pressing on the trigger does nothing with the hammer anymore. I looked all over to see what is wrong and found out that it is a common problem with 1911's and that it is the leaf spring. After many attempts of putting it in the right place and it still not working I starting to think it may be another problem. Can anybody help thank you. P.S Also the long bent piece of metal near the leaf spring, connected to an area close to hammer is loose as well.
  2. I was looking around and stumbled on a bravo/echo1 shotgun that looks weirdly similar to the G&P shotgun aside from the grip texture,shell ejector color and mag length. Is this one of those rebrands that will preform like the G&P since it is a clone or are they different in preformance. I'm still considering the G&P over the Echo of course just wondering. And sorry about all the questions I had some pretty bad airsoft flubs in the past , and I really want this to work out :) G&P M870 http://www.evike.com/products/40460/ Echo 1 "Tac shot" http://www.evike.com/products/41095/
  3. OK thanks for the advice everyone. Now I'm looking around for a place to get it. I've looked around and all the main american sites do not really have much selection for higher quality shotguns. The overseas guys (ehobbyasia,red wolf) seems to have the good stuff is there any other websites I should take into consideration. Also does anybody have any experiences with the Maurshin Clone gas shotgun they look pretty good aside from the racking problem sometimes with the slide.
  4. Oh yeah I almost forgot I am am using it as a side arm to my main weapons (Aeg or a Gbb). Also the arena I go to is CQB based with some 40-60ft contact areas. At first I was thinking the tri shot but I sort of have the impression that if you can hit them with the tri burst from 50ish feet away then you probably could of hit him with a single shot with its accuracy.
  5. Oh you mean the high quality ones that are $180+ ish on evike. Yeah I was actually considering it , did not know they were Maruzen clones. Also for the tsd I meant the single shot super 88 sport shotgun. For some reason even if it has a pretty untrustable price ($35) for many people they consider it weirdly good. One more thing are all the tri shots just rebrands of each other (DE,TSD,UTG, etc). The reason I am asking is because I was looking into the ASG Franchi SAS , and it looks all too familiar to all the other tri shots. And thanks also for the advice
  6. Hi guys after a long semester I finally have some time to get back into the groove of things and get back into airsofting. Since Christmas is just around the corner I decided to get another gun for the occasion. I have a bunch of aeg's and gbb's already so I decided a shotgun would be nice to add into my arsenal after all it is winter and my gbb's do not work that well in cold temps. I have been looking around and it seems like shotguns are either very expensive or very cheap and ghetto looking. So my question is what shotgun should I get. I would prefer to not get a tri shot since the pumping I heard gets annoying in very long skirmishes. The only shotguns I found that are pretty decent are the Maruzen CA870 Shotgun and the TSD Sports Super Shotgun both with completely different price ranges. So much so that I am considering getting a tri burst with the TSD shotgun to even it out a bit. My budget is $160 but I have some wiggle room if the shotgun is that good. Thanks guys :)
  7. I got a bit of a problem when I fire my src m9 at around 5-6 a single bb rolls out for someone reason. Anyone know what the problem is thanks guys.
  8. -yes the inner barrel and bucking is placed in all the way -if you mean the window matching with the the area where the nub should be then yes if not can you elaborate? -im using elite force .25 bbs -its all stock on a bit of a budget Im guessing its the nub I reserched and heard that the nub can make the hop up overact if its too thick or put in wrong
  9. Yea I did shut it off completely. The thing is now that I put everything in place (Thanks vanevery) it seems to fire slightly higher than it should for some reason even with the hop up put to the lowest setting. Is it the hop up nub? The bucking maybe? Does it need time to "break in"? Or am I being a silly man? I'd like to know. Just as reference the hop up bucking I got is a JBU "high" performance bucking as seen here http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/323-ACC-SD...rsoft-AEGs.aspx . Recommendations for buckings would be great even if I'm probably gonna get systema , Prometheus and or firefly if I can find them
  10. This is good and all but my hop up unit look nothing really like that. I have a cyma ak74u if that helps
  11. Hello again I need help with installing my hop up bucking and barrel. I followed all the direction and lined up the bucking line with the barrel and for some reason the barrel and bucking end goes over where the nub is therefore defeating the purpose of the nub. I have no clue how to get the bucking in such a way that it is not in the way of the nub please help.
  12. :( come on there has to be someone that has some sort of insight oh and also its CM035 if that helps
  13. Hi eveyone back from a long break from airsoft and decided to buy another gun so I decided to get a cyma ak74u but quickly after I bought it I came to realize there not really any dissembly guide in particular how to change barrels and hop up Does anyone have a guide for disassembling thank for your time guys
  14. Hmm thats weird I plugged in a 9.6 and it work on semi fine. Maybe the gear wasn't going around all the way or something. Oh well never mind sorry guys for sort of a waste post
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