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  1. Well after spending a fair amount of money into another rifle, I noticed keeping it isn't practical. I have almost no fields around me, all the locals have stopped playing, so I need to part with it so I can fund my next project, my 95' 240sx KA-T. The gun itself was bought off of a guy on here, he literally used almost half of a WE .43g bag before selling it, and I still have the bag, so the gun has literally had under 1k rounds. When I received the gun the magazine had a typical leak, but it was fixed shortly after. Besides that the gun is just as it would be if you bought it brand new. Also the outer barrel was taken apart, cut down, and then fitted a ccw thread to the end. It goes about 4in in, and was hit in with a rubber mallet, then jb welded in. The bolt handle was shaved down, threaded, screwed onto, and then also JB welded for more support. (could use a tad of sanding to make look better if you'd like) All in all is worth about $600, I'm asking $400 shipped Or partial trade with an lower grade AEG/GBB pistol, or real steel optic. You'll get: - KJW m700 - BNIB G&G rubber set - BNIB G&G hop up unit - Airsoft GI PE 6.03mmx640mm (less than 100 rounds) - Complete bolt assembly (less than 100 rounds, only replaced because I broke the first bolt handle and figured for $45 it was worth it) - Badger Ordnance bolt handle - Non cheapo replica harris bipod - Karsten adjustable cheek rest - Spartan Doctrine silencer 4x290mm - M1 Replica scope 3.5-10 x 50 w/ trades, working knob adjustments, and illuminated - Railed scope ring - Sunshade (5in and 3in, can be screwed together) - Butler Creek flip up scope covers - About 1,000 WE .43g bb's External Air Rig will also be included - Untapped mag - Coil hose - 1 QD male fitting to tap into mag - QD female fitting already attatched to hose - ON/Off knob - 0-300psi regulator - Adapter for 12g CO2 (can fit tanks also)
  2. To be honest, the bolt handle was just as easy as the adjustable cheek rest. I started with just shaving down the sides of the handle to around the thread size, used a threading tool to thread it, then I added some bondo, and threaded it on. So alittle of both, I figured it'd make it more solid and trusting done both ways. If it helps, to do the entire knob, I used an ebay threading kit, sand paper, bench sander, and some bondo. In another couple days I'll have pictures up of the neatly added threads, working silencer, and new flip up covers. I'm slowly working up to the remodeled stock.
  3. Still not finished with her, but as she sits: KJW M700 non take down - 6.03mm x 610mm tbb (name slips me) - Quality Harris bipod rep - Southwest precision cheek rest - Badger Ordnance bolt handle (screwed on then bondo'd) - Heavy mid height scope rings with rails on one - The Scope: Leupold Rep Mark 4 3.5-10x50mm with 40mm eye piece with 5in sunshade, it also is illuminated and all nobs work, not caps (3in extension on ground) I have an entire external C02 rig already, just waiting on new parts to come in. Coming in the mail: - Flip up scope covers - Creation chamber - G&G rubber set - Barrel thread adapter - 40x290mm silencer (will make actually silence) - Tanaka extended mag - Debating on which new inner barrel
  4. It may sound dumb, but before you try anymore shimming and shaving, try unscrewing the barrel and the action/barrel from the body, then rescrew it. Sometimes a slight angle is caused by a screw not being screwed in perfectly.
  5. I love this new AK magpul look, you did a great job. Any reason why you did the 74u over a normal length AK?
  6. That's what I figured..... Well thank god I ordered an entire KJW replacement bolt and it came in today. I ended up doing the same process, but didn't thread it. I just slide the new bolt handle on with some JB weld. I still need to sand it down some and then paint it to match, but for right now, this is what I've got:
  7. I'm not sure anyone really has tried to replace the bolt on any tanaka/kjw m700, but I ventured out today to do so. I bought a badger ordnance bolt handle and a threading tool kit. Shaved down the bolt handle as you need too, started threading, and snapped the bolt handle in pieces. I'd just like to hear if anyone else has had this problem, and they're all made with horrible metal, or if this one was a fluke?
  8. Looking to buy/trade for a Tanaka AICS stock. I have cash in hand as well as a newer m700 stock for partail trade.
  9. Well we all have had the problems with leaky mags from the KJW's. My questions is though, can you easily fix the KJW's magazine problem or is it really worth to buy the tanaka magazine that is twice as much, or the extended tanaka which is more than triple the price? Also I'd like to mention that I am staying gas/propane, I'm not going to tap the mags yet. And I don't know if I ever will, but this isn't about how much better external rigs are. Any help would be great, thanks.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for, I'm actually buying this one in he next couple of days. It's one of two places I've found that have it, but I trust ehobby and I've delt with them before. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandg-steel-bar...luted-type.html Edit: Also found here, like I said if this is what you're looking for: http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...Fluted_Type.htm
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