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  1. You guys are really good at blowing!
  2. Caption: "Year 3030, one child remains on planet earth against millions of zombies."
  3. Just watch out for thorn bushes haha. Where we play at its almost to easy to get your self stuck in a middle of a thorn bush patch...
  4. Im actually waiting to get some chips on my gun, I love how it looks!
  5. Im liking it! Looks like it would rock for playing during those hot summer days. Sucks about the color mix up though. And brainplay thats kind of the point! haha
  6. Im not really sure, it was all kind of confusing
  7. Open to prices. Ill probably cut a deal with ya if you buy all this stuff Edited-DM Hackle
  8. Hmmm. I would try to put them in your thigh holster or shoulder holster. My shoulder holster comes with 2 magazine pouch holders. Or just in your pocket or something.
  9. Hello, im usually not in this section much but im trying to figure out what are the weaknesses of using a AEG on the battlefield? They seem to be pretty effective at raping me, a lot.
  10. Im pretty sure you should just ask for synthetic twine.
  11. In my group of airsoft friends we have about 4 people with Aegs, me with the sniper rifle/ C02 pistola, and usually 2-3 other guys with spring guns or maybe a aeg or two rarely. All the aegs makes it tough for a bolt action sniper! So recently I have been resulting to guerilla tactics used during the Revolutionary war that we have been learning about in college. Its pretty efective! I usually just go as a one man group, infiltrate the enemies area and either wait for them to stumble upon me or wait for a shot, take it, and book it out of there! I find it a lot better then firing off a shot and staying there thus getting rained down upon from AEG fire. Next time you guys are out playing and getting owned by AEGs give it a try! It worked for the colonials with there muskets so why not with our airsoft guns??? I know thats its not exactly the role of the modern day snipper but ill take that over getting hit in the first 10 minutes of a game! lol
  12. What exactly is shimming and how do I do this to the hop up??? Heck yah I was excited haha! Got to use it today and I defiantly could tell the difference. I think once I have the time to take out my barrel tube I will defiatnly rap some tape around it to reduce the vibrations.
  13. o m g! The teflon did wonders! Holy crap im excited. Turns out that I get about 100 foot range with my rifle while held horizontaly. If I compensate a little, I can it going to probably around 150 and still be some what acurate.
  14. Ah I see! Well I would say I am probably getting around 70ft then. I can get further shots but I have to compensate with the angle of the gun.
  15. After thinking about my range guesstimate, im pretty sure im way off because that is a really short range haha. I don't think there is anything wrong with it because this was how it was shooting when I first got it. Ill post a video tomorrow for you guys to critic. I also just installed the tefflon tape mod, I take it that it adds to the fps or makes it more acurate?
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