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  1. I replaced my G&G striker spring (have a G&G L96) to a Polarstar. This because the G&G spring was to weak to fully open the gas flow when using guarder "Power up gas". Are not using a HPA. It was a bit tricky to install thou. It barely fits because it is considerably thinner than the G&G however the spring widened a bit when pressed together.
  2. How much bigger outer diameter? Would it be possible to make a nozzle with the KA diameter and slid it over the present? How much longer is it? Does anyone have the measurements on the KA nozzle?
  3. I saw this on evike, seems easier then ordering a custom barrel. But when I lock at the application it locks like it is for a VSR hopup and require a King Arms conversion chamber. An I right? EdGI 6.01mm Precision Tight Bore Inner Bull Barrel for Tanaka / KJW M700
  4. Hi Is it necessary to install a KA nozzle when using a King Arms VSR Chamber? I have an G&G G96 and it has the powerbolt pre-installed. Will it work at all without a new nozzle if I install the conversion chamber?
  5. Hi I have recently bought a G&G G96 which is, as I have understood, a upgraded clone on the Tanaka M700 AICS. I have discovered that the barrel length is 650 mm, a bit longer then the tanaka. Most people obviously use VSR-10 barrels with a KA conversion chamber* Sadly I'v discovered that there are no 650 mm VSR barrels so an EdGi custom barrel is probably the best choice. But what bore should I have 6.00-6.05? I'v heard the 6.00 gives you a higher fps but a 6.03 can possible give a better accuracy. Is there a golden middle way to achieve the best accuracy on great distance? And do anyone have another opinion on which barrel is the best for my gun? *Does anyone have an opinion on the spartan doctrine conversion chamber? a bit cheaper than the KA Link
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