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  1. Looking for M4/M16 AEG Outer Barrel 13-14 inches. Also, looking for a gas block for the same gun. Let me know what you have. Thanks! if you have anything else m4 accessory related, just offer because I might be interested.
  2. found a rail system...lets find the rest
  3. Hey I'm looking for a few things M4/M16 RIS/RAS rail system. 9" or longer preferably and free float. Also a plus if you have an outer barrel with it. MUST FIT ON A G&G METAL M4 BODY!!! ICS stuff is an out because it does not fit. Also, would need hardware. PEQ box-tan. Needs to store a lipo. Not a big dboys or echo 1. Battleaxe or similar. Not looking for lasers or flashlights in it. Long Type Torque Motor. Looking for a good condition motor that can handle a heavy spring. m160. Also, looking for a comfortable m4 grip. Black or tan. Sniper grips are a plus. reply to this to bump THEN PM ME!!!!! I prefer pm's. Thanks!
  4. interested in the pmag and handguard...pm me lowest shipped price
  5. Plain and simple. Pm me with offers. AEG only.
  6. bump...I am only looking for a moe desert earth grip now.
  7. bump...im really looking for a tan MOE grip.
  8. no thanks...im looking for less expensive than that. I know its a long shot but its the budget im on and the RIS/RAS isn't high enough on my list to spend more on.
  9. Here is what I'm looking for and I am looking for cheap and not in a rush so I can wait for the best deal. Acog with zoom (or other type sight with small zoom) peq 15 (OD or Tan) moe pistol grip (OD, Tan, or Foliage) ubr stock (OD, Foliage, or Tan) xtm rail covers (All colors) 6.01 barrel 450-500mm M4 RIS handguard rails like in the link below. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=26633 Post to bump then pm me. Pming me will be the best way to get an answer fast.
  10. So what link is that? you didn't post one.
  11. I put it in the serpa and fobus holsters and don't fit. I think I found a video of how to mod a serpa to fit the gun.
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