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  1. I bought one when they were first released (serial #137) but I sold it for gear which I should of never did and now I really want another to keep but they seem to be sold out on every site/store I've checked. Paypal preferred.
  2. Bump still looking for an M60VN in any condition for the right price. Paypal ready or would trade my GoPro 3 AND cash.
  3. Bump still looking for an M60VN in any shape... Paypal ready and I have trades.
  4. Looking for one in any shape except new or upgraded because I will be doing a lot of modifications to the body. I have cash or some gear for trade.
  5. All the stores I trust overseas are sold out now... And these guns seem to be getting harder to find by the day. I also have trades.
  6. Looking for a 363mm TBB with an R-Hop patch already installed. Paypal ready! PM me. Also looking for a BTC Spectre. -Tap
  7. Prefer an M320 but I'm kinda interested in an AG36 as well. Paypal ready! PM or email me with pictures & info. -Tap
  8. BUMP! I just found out I have to move very soon.... Soo as I will not much room in my car I'm dropping the SVD to $500 Shipped
  9. Rules: Paypal Only. Lowballs are not nice. Will be shipped via UPS. Trades: A&K/Echo 1 PKM, PKM SMERSH, Gorka (Depends on type & pattern) in 56/58-5 or 6, Russian gear in general if your familiar with what I'm talking about you'll know the kinda stuff I'm looking for :P After getting used to my SVD it really doesn't fit any position in the teams formations and I'm to big of a guy to be sniping I'm more of a Gunner. This is the WE SVD CNC Billet Aluminum Edition basically just the strongest receiver version that WE makes but anyway it comes with 6 mags (leakless right now), gun bag, bipod, PSOP LSP 4x6, "Mini-SMERSH" rig, REAPS MG2 Bucking (not installed), new sling coming in from KalinkaOptics tommorow. Shoots good has far range on the stock bucking and nice groupings, the mags can be finicky but you usually get 2 mags to a fill of propane, scope is clear and has no scratches. It's hard to mention much about this gun It's just a good performing stock gun that I ended not liking like I thought I would. Internally It's not wearing down much one of WEs best rifles to date and has been regularly cleaned & oiled, externally the receiver & wood is spotless but the barrel has a few small scratches. I'd like to get $700 shipped because It's worth it or best offer. -Tap
  10. Already tried that it is without a doubt something internally locking it up from cycling, the only clue is the air nozzle is back and stuck in place so the tappet plate may of snapped or is jamming the gearbox which would be a rare malfunction... Either way It's SPF with about a list of 4 buyers in line if the first guy doesn't pay up.
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