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  1. im looking to play some airsoft .my name is steve and im 46 .and I live in sarasota fl. if you are looking for a player please let me know..... panaba453<AT>verizon.net
  2. im looking to play some airsoft .my name is steve and im 46 .and I live in sarasota fl. if you are looking for a player please let me know..... panaba453<AT>verizon.net
  3. My name is Steve and im 46 yrs old and im looking to join a group , so if you live in the Sarasota Florida or the sourounding area PLEASE CONTACK ME panaba453<AT>verizon.net .
  4. What kind of paperwork are you speaking of????? like my drivers license.... thanks for all the other info . that will come in handy on my first airsoft game
  5. I will attending my first ever airsoft game in Tampa in about 1 month from now,,,,What I need to know is ,how much ammo will I need for the day, What is the average amount used in a day of airsoft , Since I never played ,im unsure,,,, how many mags should I have in my vest. I would hate to run out. I own a Echo 1 M5-J and 1- 200 round clip ( I know I need more than 1 mag ) and then I own the new CYMA CMO-048 AK-47 With the stock 600 mag and 1 - 1000 hi cap mag.. if there is anything else you might think a first timmer should bring to the game ,,please help me out with some suggestions...... things I have so far echo1 mp5-j 1-200 cap mag CYMA cmo-048 AK47 with 1 -600 cap mag and 1-1000 cap mag camo pants and shirt camo camel water backpack ST11-2B Airsoft Paintball FACE Mask camo tactical vest black work boots padded black work gloves if there is anything else I need please let me know
  6. I was serfinf the net and came across this company in Hawaii.....THIS GUN IS SICK.. I MUST HAVE IT. ITS ONLY $2000.00 ......MY WIFE WOULD KILL ME.. OR I COULD KILL HER , ONCE I GET IT.........
  7. My name is Steve AKA as "ThE ShOcKeR"...... at this time I own the Echo-1 M5-j ,and some field gear,, im 46yrs old and im looking to play on a team , I live in Sarasota Florida and I have a friend that will let us use his property, and best of all its free place to play airsoft combat. toms of land and paths and woodland , and a open fields as well .it has it all ...... please contact me &lt;AT&gt; 941-809-7311 anytime.
  8. All the guns look so good ,I like the AK 47 for its strengths, and the populatiory, As far as the high fps of 465 I figured it would loose fps as it brakes in. Plus I'm sure it will have a better distances with the high fps . http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/465_FPS_CY...cyma-cm048m.htm
  9. I'm new to this sport .after seeing Echo1 MP5-J gun at my friends house I had to get into it. I was looking for a gun . Wow so many to choose from on line ,I was looking at the CYMA AK47 CM-048 OR the CYMA CM-048M 465FPS with .20 bbs. For the cost of $ 189.00 on a pre order It will be available at the end of October .. Any thoughts on this brand.... remember I'm new at this. At this point I have $240.00 to spend on a gun .any suggestions. Does CYMA make a good gun for the money ? http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/465_FPS_CY...cyma-cm048m.htm
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