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  1. Personally my gripe with iCombat (note I've only played there once) was that it felt more like speedsoft/paintball than what I play airsoft for, MILSIM. There was nothing terribly tactical about iCombat, the players were content to just run around in a blaze of glory. I think that that's due to the sheer fact that there's no pain in laser tag, sure airsoft are just tiny welts but they at least discourage players just jumping around corners or running down "streets" without cover. Also a huge gripe I had was physical movement was seriously limited, IIRC you weren't allowed to actually run/sprint in the facility (to be fair the place was small not much running would be needed but still), shooting under cars actually got me pulled aside by a ref, and while I don't expect to be doing parkour in the place vaulting or going over/under objects to stay in cover was a no-no. All in all, laser tag has definitely made strides and there's definitely a niche for it. The guns are very impressive (even if they're just poor AR replicas with gimmicky attachments) and the vests now actually resemble something slightly realistic (though they're still silly looking IMO and I felt they were oversensitive as it seems I was giving and receiving kills/hits that weren't accurate ). That being said, it's not for me. Like someone said, it's a party game I don't feel like it can be much of a specific hobby (more of a supplement to paintball/airsoft/general exercise) as there's little growth once you understand the layout of the facility as far as skill/dedication goes. Also, it may have just been the group I wound up playing with but a lot of players (ones in their 30's probably) seemed to be generally unpleasant people who weren't fond of new players.
  2. To answer your first question, yes airsoft guns depreciate like any other good, there are obviously exceptions to really old replicas or more rare ones where they've been able to hold their value or gain some (though it is very uncommon). Best medium is debatable. On Ebay you definitely have a much larger audience but they tend to be a little less fluent in replica value and overall knowledge (which can either help or hurt depending), I generally avoid craigslist, you won't find many buyers for higher end equipment unless it's for a steal of a price. Sites like here (or other forums that shall not be named) have a solid audience with people who know their stuff and are generally honest and reasonable buyers, generally here you're going to have a much smoother selling experience but unlike craigslist you're pretty much guaranteed to ship. Comes down to personal choice, nothing against posting it in all 3 or more though. Do remember though that paying for a membership is supporting this site and the community as well though. As for your two guns I'm pretty bad at ballparking prices, depending on how eager you are to sell and the specific condition of each gun the price will vary (minor things to you that keep the gun in "pristine condition" might be a big deal to others). Assuming the condition is more than in good shape you could see probably get the original price of the gun back (also would vary based on how many mags specifically), just because the gun is discontinued doesn't really mean much. The CA was discontinued as it was brought under Cybergun licensing for FN trademarks and they already had the VFC SCAR which is also arguably a better product. the M93R probably would grab $150. Resell value on airsoft stuff isn't great and it's gotten worst even in the past few years IMO. Most airsofters are pretty thrifty as well when it comes to buying and most would prefer to trade. As a generalization most forum goers in B/S/T are minors without access to a lot of money so finding buyers is usually more difficult.
  3. Rules: -PayPal only -I have a right to both not sell to someone and/or not accept your offer -No lowballs -Gun sold as is unless there is a major mistake on my part, buy your own insurance -I ship USPS from 53189 with Delivery Confirmation and tracking provided by myself -I always will look at reasonable offers -I always can get more pictures Hey guys, looking to sell this MP7 I recently acquired. I got this along with a few other things as part of a deal with plans on using them but life has come up and I need money for other things. The gun is BNIB, the plastic over the gun hasn't been removed. It's a KWA MP7 not much more to say. If you want I can toss in a bag of .20 TSD bbs if that's a deal maker. Asking: $230 Shipped and I guess I can look at trades but cash is king and you're gonna have to put something interesting up to grab my attention.
  4. Title says all, I'm looking for both a black PEQ-15 battery box (plus battery if the price isn't too bad) and a cheap crane stock. PM me with what you got, prefer to buy both from 1 seller.
  5. Rules: -PayPal only -I have a right to both not sell to someone and/or not accept your offer -No lowballs -Gun sold as is unless there is a major mistake on my part, buy your own insurance -I ship USPS from 53189 with Delivery Confirmation and tracking provided by myself -Priority for small items, Parcel for large -I always will look at reasonable offers -I always can get more pictures -I'm well known on multiple airsoft forums and Ebay, I am happy to provide references/feedback if needed. -Trades at the bottom Selling my slightly upgraded CYMA CM050A, I fielded it once and I now have a different direction I'd like to go as far as plans for my hobbies. It was purchased from GI on the 5th of July (last month) and I probably put only around 500rds through it when I ran it the other night. It comes with: -Installed Madbull 6.03 TBB 455mm -Installed Madbull Red bucking w/ fishbone nub (can flat hop it with eraser nub if buyer wants) -Installed OD SAW style pistol grip -3 CYMA 140rd Bulgarian style midcaps (feed flawlessly and look awesome) -Original hicap -Original battery/charger if buyer really wants the POS I always liked the beefier pistol grip of that the SAW style grips had, the CYMA midcaps are the OEM for the Beta Project Magpul AK, they're single stack and feed extremely well. With the TBB and current hop up setup w .28s I'm getting ~230ft range and with .2s it's currently chronoing at ~430fps (with a bit of actual breaking in the FPS will drop to field-able levels) Cash: $220 shipped, OBO of course Trades: -Cash is king -REALLY need a M249 feed tray for an A&K/E1/CA, preferrably railed (+cash of course) -Anything that isn't AR related (+cash for some offers) I likely won't accept but if you want to give it a shot
  6. Title says all, looking to get just that little part as I am missing it.
  7. Thanks for the free bump, almost forgot about this thread Anyways, I have parted out the scope, magpuls, bipod, and pouches. The bucking has been flat-hopped and I've installed a weaker spring to make it shoot field legal as a regular AEG (~370FPS with .2s). I can reinstall the M130 spring to bring it back to DMR levels should a buyer like. New price is $190 OBO or trades
  8. It's probably due to the layout of the website and how it's designed. In order to list something under the "daily deals" section, you probably have to have some sort of a price cut to move it from its original section. Seeing as it's just a sale for extra magazines and not an actual product they can't give an actual price drop because that's the actual price, so their solution is to just keep the price the same on the "list" price. It's not really a fail or anything, just a flaw in the design.
  9. Extending offer of $250, need it gone ASAP! Still taking trades as well! Fixed picture:
  10. Still $250 shipped til' the end of the weekend and still looking for trade offers. Also, new pic to comply with new ASF Selling Rules, sorry it isn't that great, took it in a hurry:
  11. Magpuls/Pouches have been parted out. Flash sale of $250 in effect til' the end of the weekend!
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