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  1. Thanks... I also seen they have the following... EdGI 6.01mm Precision Tight Bore Inner Bull Barrel for Tanaka / KJW M700 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (629 mm) KJW Factory Improved Hop Up Bucking for M700 Series Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle Creation CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber for Tanaka / KJW M700 / M24 / M40A1 Series Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifles will that barrel and hopup chamber work together in my tanaka? or is there a better place to buy the whole set up?
  2. Is there any groups that play within 50 miles of Albany NY??? we have a group of people but would like to get more for bigger games... We are in mid to late 20s.. modern style play but all is welcome..
  3. I have pre ban tanaka m40a1 The gun was shooting crappy and I found the hop up rubber all ate up... It was in a few diff pieces... Where can I find the right hop up replacement.. I don't want to go to a vsr barell... ... Some info would be great...I allready used search button but all I get is alot of upgrade garble I don't understand ...Yet...
  4. Gun is stock and works perfect..Im looking for upgrade parts... I want a real airsoft tack driver that will be able to shoot good and be at its best performance,
  5. Could someone list part names and the places u can order or purchase Tanaka m40/m700 parts.. People list the names of parts but not help in the places to buy them... That would also be a great sticky thread for all new and veteran Tanaka owners... BTW my tanaka is a m40a1 preban no mods...
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