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  1. I live in PA, gas rifles don't work up here.
  2. The stock would be good enough for me.
  3. I saw a thread in another forum about a guy who modded a bell and carlson stock to fit on his vsr10 to make an m40a2. If somebody wanted an m40a3 or a5 they could buy the matrix l96 aws or the well m4402d and mod a bell and carlson stock to fit it.
  4. And you believed them? The price might go down to $200-$250 over time, but I doubt it'll start there. Besides, isn't Ares known for their "compatible" guns being 99% proprietary anyways? This news doesn't really bother as I haven't really heard anything good about Ares aside from their externals, so I didn't get my hopes up at all for this. Your best bet would be to buy the Well M4402D and a genuine bell and carlson stock anf modify it to fit on the Well. Right there you'd have your m40.
  5. Why not look at the Well L96 AWS (4402D)? http://www.crw-airsoft.com/well-l96-aws-sp...402d-6887-p.asp $150 on most sites, and comes with the scope and bipod. Theres other sites thar have it, I know Evike rebrands them and calls them the Matrix L96 AWS and slaps a $200 tag on it. It's a 100% Marui clone, so all of these parts should work. http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/Tokyo-Marui-...parts-s/270.htm As far as the ones you listed, I wouldn't go with the S&T simply because I have a personal rule of not spending over $250 on a gun. I'd avoid the gas rifle due to the inconsistancy. As dae as the ARES, others may be able to confirm or deny this, but they have a tendancy to mix a lot of proprietary parts with a few upgradable parts, or so I've been told.
  6. Well, the thing is, I was painting my spr after it broke, and the can broke and squirted paint all over the reviever. So thats why I'm looking into getting a reciever/gearbox kit and just wondered about the ebb kit. I'd LOVE to get a reciever with the Army Ranger symbol, but I can't find one.
  7. Blah CoD :-P looks like more of an Army of Two job right there hahaha. If ebb is really a hassle like that then I can opt not to go for it, no big deal.
  8. I took the motor out to give It a quick go over and the top wasn't there. I looked inside the grip and sure enough, the top was still in there. I don't NEED ebb, I just think its pretty cool. In all honesty, I've been playing for a couple years now and the Red Star AK my friend got it the first ebb I've seen in person.
  9. Okay, that makes sense. I just thought the ebb was pretty cool. It sounds better and looks better then a typical aeg, and since I would only be shooting on semi that the 400 fps (with .25's) wouldn't put that much strain on it. If the spring settled in at around 375, I'd be fine with that. I want it close to 400, but not over so my engagement distance will be 100ft instead of 150ft.
  10. I have the DBoys spr. Theres a massive airseal issue (its down to 200-215fps), and the semi-auto doesnt work, it shoots on full auto if the safety is off, and the top of the motor came off... that one is a bit of a mystery to me.
  11. I wasn't sure if the EBB would be a pain in the a** or a minor inconvenience as I don't know how they work. The G&G M4 EBB challenge kit is a combat machine though, and I've heard they aren't the best internally.
  12. With my SPR on the fritz I need to fix it. A friend of mine has an ebb and I really like it. I'm entertaining the thought of buying a g&g m4 ebb challenge kit off of evike, putting mt SPR's furniture on it, buying some better quality parts, 6.03 madbull black python, have a local guy rhop it for me, shim it, and throwing in an m120 spring. Would a setup like this work in an ebb? I most likely would only fire it on semi, and my local fields all use .25's to chrono and I'd like it settle in at around 400 fps with .25's.
  13. No no no, I meant for the metal feeding fin.
  14. I didnt know they made a metal one. Thats good news to know. Can you give a link?
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