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  1. No longer Active offer.. I realized that the handgun alone is worth more than a dboys scar.. :L
  2. Free bump. I love that SR7.. makes me smile. :D lol
  3. Jg mp5 with 6 mags for the scar? pm me.
  4. My offer is a JG mp5 in working order. and a Sig Sauer p226 with trade marks. think its a KJW. Pm me!
  5. I've got one, with 4 controllers and a ton of games. Pm me and let me know.
  6. Just as description says, looking for a set of TWO (2) Radios with 30 to 40 mile range.. I've got AEG's and GBB's for trade, and can throw in cash if necessary. PM me if you've got anything and we can work something out. I can pay cash too. -Mark
  7. I've got one if your interested...contact me for details.
  8. Nah, the gearbox will be fine. It's just a cosmetic issue. Nothing to really worry about. Just don't get water in it...but...if you get water on it..it's not going to just go there...so no water would be a good rule of thumb.. ;)
  9. Handgun is gone, it's mine :D Free bump for a quick response and great seller :D
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