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  1. You are forgetting one thing: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=6638
  2. A few simple possibilities. Get AirsoftGi to review it themselves. They have a lot of influence on the newer airsoft player. Get other sites to review it, Airsplat, Evike, etc... Video reviews and other coverage such as facebook is a great idea. You could bring it to events and get the field owners to advertise it by giving them away to a few players or have raffles for a few of them. You could also sell some on Ebay. Basically just get the name out any way possible.
  3. Awesome, thanks guys, that ordinance about firing weapons(anything that shoots a projectile) was also mentioned by the officer (means nerf is illegal :0). A couple towns away we play at a field WITH a few cops, they are totally cool with it. :) Next game we will definitely inform them. Edit: wait a sec... [pasted from the link you gave] However, federal importation laws in the United States simply require that all Airsoft guns transported within or imported into the country have barrels with a minimum 6mm wide blaze orange tip, so as to avoid confusion with real firearms. Most retailers of Airsoft guns have disclaimers stating that their Airsoft guns are sold with an orange tip, and that it is illegal to remove the orange tip. It sounds like if the airsoft weapon can have the orange tip removed for a game but it has to be on when the gun is trasported. Retailers are trying to cover their behinds by saying it is illegal to remove them? correct?
  4. Do you have a law to back that up? We were playing in a field in a town north of us and a cop showed up and said if we didn't have orange tips he would take our guns away.
  5. You can try a few things First, Try disconnecting the electrical contacts from the motor and hook a volt meter up to the two contacts, when you pull the trigger it should jump up to around 8 volts(if it's really low then you have a bad circuit. If the above is around 8 volts, try turning the motor adjustment screw about half a turn counter-clockwise, reconnect the battery contacts and pull the trigger again. If that doesn't work, there are a few possibilities. 1. Your motor could be bad, not too likely 2. It's jammed, most likely 3. your battery is bad, not likely if it's brand new. Do you have any more batteries to test it with? Maybe try one of the "tech's" batteries or a friend's. if it is # 2 there are a few possibilities. 1. Could be that the piston gears are partially stripped and that the gear that pulls the piston back is meshing improperly because of the worn out piston gears(happened to a gun that I bought) 2. The spring is in the compressed position and the motor/battery combination is not powerful enough 3. Bad shim job Most of these will require opening the gearbox, it isn't really that hard if you have a mechanical mind or a will to learn. :) When you have the motor off to try campingtomz's unjamming procedure, reconnect the wires with the motor out of the gun and pull the trigger(connect the battery too) If the motor doesn't do anything, it's dead. A link to the sale post would be good.
  6. lolz the REAL gun isn't stuck on three round burst only. http://world.guns.ru/assault/de/hk-g11-e.html and to the OP, I would definitely say just pick a gun and start working on it. Start with some basic photoshop editing and move to models and then work on the gun.
  7. looks like a lapel mic right on the edge of his shirt collar.
  8. what kind of scope rings are on the scope? dovetail or weaver/picatinny?
  9. I've got an ares scar l. I like it but the charging handle broke just by letting it go ~50-100 times. ;( "pull back charging handle, click, hit the charging handle release pop. pull it back again and notice it is kinda sloppy, look at it... BROKEN!?!?!?!? :( " The piston stripped out after ~500 shots + whatever the guy who sold it to me shot through it. He said it was NIB but I really don't believe him. :( The gears are junk in my gun, their spacers are wrapped around the shaft and have a little gap, the gap get's wider and helps the gears wear out faster. :( The spring change system is sweetness :) The looks are sweetness :) The 20+ lbs w/eglm is sweetness :) The Ares manufacturer seems alright, prices are a little high, and you will have broken guns with any manufacturer. My airsoft field's owner swears by Ares, he has a cheytac, broke it in half by falling on it (that was teh lolz), fixed it, and he still loves Ares. I've also got a friend who has a Tavor. It seems rock solid except for the mag release directly behind the shooting hand (you drop the mag every time you turn your body).
  10. It doesn't need to be of equal or greater value, but not trash.
  11. I've replaced a transmission in a cruddy Ford, rebuilt lawn mowers, helped two of my brothers rebuild a truck engine, and refurbished digital cameras for one of my brothers. I have no problems opening my guns. :) you should integrate the ages into the yes's and no's. That way you could tell how old the people are that are afraid to open their guns are, you could also integrate wages into it and see if the rich peeps are too lazy.
  12. How about an aeg m14 with a scope and bi-pod? It would be a sniper and an aeg combined.
  13. I totally feel you somebody1, I bought a NIB(or so he said) gun from a guy and it came with the grenade launcher bolted to the rail and then GLUED on too. Took 3 hours to get off. The bolt release was broken off, folding front sight worn out, a little pin was missing on the battery compartment, charging handle wobbly then broke off 3 weeks later, and the piston was stripped out causing it not to shoot. Definitely get some pics up and get this sorted out.
  14. I just use two riot shields and run around crouched.
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