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  1. WTS: Paypal only, NO TRADES AT ALL you will be ignored. Prices are firm for a couple times are FIRM. If you want to take a large # of items +5 things, I'll discount maybe a little. More discount the more you buy... First thing I'm selling everything except the Cradle CNC Gearbox/G&P M14Rifle for $500. otherwise feel free to dig in whatever. Most internals parts, are as followed. Prices do not include shipping, shippnig # is likely tro be $3 for small 1 unit items, $6, $12, $20+ for larger items//bulk orders Gearset [random bevel/spur/sector] all 18:1, $8 per set. Any Cylinder 1/2, 3/5, 3/4, 1/1 porting $3, Add any additional for $2 ea. random 1 main AEG Spring $3 2 Springs $5 5 springs $10 10 Springs $15 take the entire bag for $35. Pistons w/ 1 metal tooth $5 ea. add each additional for $3 G&P Piston $8 Each. Other random stuff//just PM me. Most stocks $5-15 Metal KWA/split type Upper $25 Metal Standard Upper $20 Metal DBOYs [I think] Lower $25 Plastic Lower split type [JG] $10 Most other stuff are like $5-$20 More you buy cheaper it is. Now for complete stuff. Brand new, never installed/cycled/used Cradle CNC 6061 T-6 V2 Gearbox $170 Has all screws. Has AoE view port, Pinion-wiring shield, ARL delatcher, External Greasing holes. G&P SOCOM M14 Package $200 Rail set w/ screws included Comes with 2 G&P 7.4v Lipos, and 1 hobbyking smart lipo charger. And of course 1 M14 G&P Magazine. Its shooting <AT> 350-370 FPS .20g
  2. My video description has all the work/parts labeled :] Retro Arms GB... and yes, MOSFET is installed hehehe
  3. Enjoy, I'm certain you'll get a good laugh. 100% for trolling ;]
  4. IF you get silicone oil on their buckings, it'll swell. And usually causes a lot of jamming. And won't be surprised if the added friction lowers FPS. or.... maybe the reverse? There is no oil, the bucking is 'shriveled' and isn't producing a tight air seal... OOOOOH the possibilities! Maybe im just thinking too much. But true-story on the buckings swelling from oil and causing jams.
  5. You can pull out the gearbox, and simply cover the prongs on the GB for FA with electrical tubing/tape w/e. And it'll stop it from going FA. While not making it pernament... +Gb comes out in like 2 screws ;]
  6. Hi everyone, The build is to demonstrate how far an AEG V2 Platform can be taken. And how comparable is it to say something that of a polar star? Near-Instant Trigger response, Variable FPS [tuned by variable barrel lengths] etc etc. The Cradle was used both as a statement of 'oooh-ahhh' and since my G&P GB was cracking due to the weighted piston w/ MS210 Spring setup. Since any other 7075 'CNC' GB would've done the same for half the cost. I may switch to another CNC GB, preferably one that is 7075. If anyone asks why I didn't use Modify Ceramics, The fact is, that I Did, and it failed in 3 places [of different times] 2 on the shaft of the Sector, and 1 on the lower of the spur. I did use Steel bushings in the G&P GB when it did failed, But I was told to try the MAgic Box bearings out. [The Ceramics' casing broke, but from what I could tell the bearings themselves was intact] This means, its not the fact you have "Near indestructable ceramic bearings" doesnt mean your bearings wont fail, but the casing is still made of steel, and they can still break. As I witnessed. I;m hoping the Magic Box 'Japanese made Bearings' have better reinforcement. Anywho I'll report my findings, worse case scenario I revert back to Steel bushing/bearing hybrid setup [spur/Sector has steel bushings........ Bevel, bearings] Don't worry the externals are just as sexy [though its a compact M4/AKA Stubby M4] However, I will use Multiple uppers, I may as well also take advantage of using an ORGA 6.23 or 6.12 barrels to lower FPS, while extending the barrel. Again lots of testing awaits this build! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will buy a clear M4 just so I can drop this GB into. for kicks and giggles for a game/photo op. Cause.... why not! ~~~~~ Thanks for the comments guys ;]
  7. Retail cost of parts ~$650 more than an FE for just the shell and what's inside... cradle Billet CNC GB 8mm 8mm magic box bearings Zci spring guide with .25" spacer Prommy ms210 9coils cut Lonex red Gaurder bore up kit, type 0 ETP fluro vitun bore up piston Oring (costed $5 alone Lol!) Speed trigger Btc Spectre 14:1 seigeteks Shs tappet Lonex ARL 404fps on .20g, 371fps on a .30g hop up off 110mm mp5k Tm stock barrel. Raises about 10% if hop up is maxed out. 540fps on a .20g on a Prommy 140mm with hop maxed.
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