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  1. looking for broken\not working aegs and parts. please pm me
  2. Looking for a face to face transaction for an AEG. Please Pm me. I'm also looking to meet some new players as I have a place to play. take it easy.
  3. Please PM me if you know where I can get one. Thanks
  4. As title says. Please PM me thanks.
  5. As title says looking for AEG versions, if somehow you have just externals of one of these guns I'd be interested too, thanks.
  6. hello, looking for magazines for the KWC mini uzi 2011 version. please PM me !! thanks
  7. If you have a slide and/ or barrel please PM me!! thanks
  8. As title says, looking for a AR latch spring. PM me!! thanks
  9. Looking for a complete Ak gearbox, along with the gears of the selector switch. Also looking for a complete AK hop up with GB assembled or dissasembled Please PM me
  10. As title says, looking for a Scar-H, pm me!! thanks!
  11. looking for solid 7mm metal bushings please PM me
  12. looking for solid 7mm metal bushings please PM me
  13. As title states, looking for an MP5 front handguard for a JG MP5, need the push pin that holds it in place too. Please PM me thanks
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