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  1. Thanks, Soundguru. That sounds like it would definitely be a good time. I'll talk to the fellas and check out your forums.
  2. Thanks, Auto. We're in Washington State. About 90 minutes south of Seattle, about 30 minutes west of Tacoma. We're near a nice little town called Gig Harbor. I appreciate your idea regarding google search for some organized teams to maybe hook up with. Later tonight I'll be running through the old posts in this forum to see if find any teams local to us. I haven't had a chance to do that just yet. I wish you quick aim and straight shots!
  3. I just got into airsoft literally about a month ago thanks to the nudging of a close friend who absolutely loves it. Just by his descriptions alone, I was hooked before ever firing a shot or getting hit by one. I've already picked up 2 metal gearboxed low end AEG's. As of now, there's 4 of us who throw on our cammo and run around our backyards looking to "welt up" each other up about once a week. That's as far as most of our experience goes. One of us has played in some organized games and scrimmages in the past. I think he played a few games with NATC, If I remeber the acronym right. With an acronym like that though, it's hard to forget. We're out on the Key Peninsula near Gig Harbor and we're trying to find some organized airsoft teams we could run with for fun and for our own education. I can't say we're looking to join a team, but I'm hoping some extra bodies might help out someone else trying to get in some practice. It sure would help us. We're all in our 30's. The two things we stress when it's just the 4 of us running 2 on 2's in our backyards is safety and fun. We have most of our own gear so we wouldn't be looking to borrow any equipment or gear. We're just looking for someplace to play that's bigger than our backyards. And you have to admit... when your best buds get shot it's sometimes more humorous than when you do it. Thanks for listening to my rambling.
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