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  1. Most sights are adjustable too. Most people get it close and use "Kentucky windage"
  2. Try an rc shop. I've found the best wiring at places that specialize in planes and helicopters
  3. I have the Daniel defense version, and I don't remember a nut on the other side. I think it threads into the receiver. I do recall having to use some monkey fisted strength to get the screw to turn, but I'm not sure if there any thread lock compound on it. Just eat your wheaties, spit in your palms, and give it hell. (don't strip it, that'd be hell)
  4. Hs5 is mostly right. Except the buffer tube screw doesn't go into the spring guide. It's oem'ed by vfc, and does not have a "penetrating" buffer tube screw. Take a long screwdriver, like 10" put it down inside and make sure it's in the grooves and turn hard. Might be able use a pair of pliers on the screwdriver handle. Also, make sure righty tighty lefty loosey. Might want to check the ring on the buffer tube. If its snugged down too tight it can put pressure on the buffer tube screw which in turn, makes it harder to take out.
  5. You aren't getting it. Google it. People put massive amounts of work into load outs. You want us to do it for you. GOOGLE IT. I think this is all the help you need.
  6. Spoon feeding sucks. You need to start with 3 color desert bdus. Then you need to visit an amazing site called google and start banging away on your keyboard to figure out the rest for yourself. And if you are doing a real impression, I hope you have a good budget. A real impression can cost 1000$+
  7. It's been 3 days. Give it until the 7 day mark. They don't have to update it at all. I shipped some car parts a month or 2 back, it didn't get updated until 4-5 days after the other guy received it.
  8. Take the follower and spring out and clean it all with rubbing alcohol. Then lightly (can't stres lightly enough) with silicone. Then wipe it down really well and try again.
  9. Technically yes. But remember you still have to be within chrono limits.
  10. It's a good gun with a few small issues. Propane runs them just fine. The reason it voids your warranty is because kwa doesn't like to. Not other real reason. Like guges said you can find some pretty amazing gases out there. I've seen gas rifles hitting 510 with .36s at 80f. He wouldn't tell us what was done internally or what gas he used but it was beastly.
  11. 1st thing I'd check is my motor height. If your pinion is jammed up so high on the bevel gear, you won't get the gun to cycle. Except for your one or two cycles on a high dump lipo. And then.... Pull the piston and spring out, put it all back together, see if it runs. If it does, your problem lies in the top half of the gb. (spring guide, spring, piston, cylinder, cylinder head, nozzle, tapper plate) If it still doesn't run, it's some where in the bottom half (gears, motor, pinion gear, or electrical) Open it all up, connect battery, connect motor. Manually engage the trigger trolley to trigger contacts. If the motor runs, electrical is decent. Go forth and tech. Come back and report. This will bug me.
  12. If its wiring, you're going to be looking for breaks, stripped insulation, cold solder joints, and things like that. Can you open the gearbox and take some pictures so we can better help you
  13. Are the mags clean? Lubed? When did the feeding issues start? Did yu change anything recently?
  14. But if you use enough gas, you end up smelling a bunch of different brands. Then you can form an opinion on which is most acceptable for you. Why do you have concerns about your gun stinking? Is it an issue with storing inside or do you have a kwa and still want warranty coverage
  15. There are different brands of camping propane that smell less than others. Shop around to find what smells best to you
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